Caity Weaver · 03/18/13 11:00AM

This morning, Lindsay Lohan borrowed a private jet to fly to L.A. for court. She's now 30 minutes late and counting.

Lindsay Lohan Borrowed a $1,750 Gown for a Party and Returned It Cut in Half

Caity Weaver · 02/20/13 06:24PM

Goldschläger incarnate Lindsay Lohan has allegedly learned the hard way that, like dolls' hair and a child's limbs, expensive beaded frippery doesn't just grow back once you cut it off. She reportedly returned a borrowed floor length designer gown in "tatters," its bottom half roughly hacked off with scissors.

'Stripes After Jail, So Not a Good Idea!': What We Learned From NYT Magazine's De Facto Lindsay Lohan Profile

Rich Juzwiak · 01/10/13 02:35PM

If the upcoming Lindsay Lohan/James Deen vehicle The Canyons is half as entertaining as Stephen Rodrick's New York Times Magazine piece about it, it's going to be fantastic. The 8,000-word article reads like an exhaustive documentary on the Paul Schrader-directed, Bret Easton Ellis-written film (that has since been rejected by Sundance). It is what those on Twitter would refer to as a "great read."