Linda Stein's Former Condo Gets Downgraded

cityfile · 01/21/09 03:29PM

When real estate broker-to-the-stars Linda Stein was murdered in 2007, her "posh" 18th-floor condo at 965 Fifth Avenue was valued at $2.5 to $4.0 million. Oh, what a vicious homicide and recession will do to property prices. When the apartment was finally sold in August 2008, it went for just $1.045 million. Five months later, the condo is back on the market, but it's now being marketed as "staff quarters," a $1.8 million optional accessory to a $19 million penthouse in the building that's also up for sale. And you were thinking the lesson of the Linda Stein saga was to keep the help as far away from your apartment as possible. [Curbed]

Linda Stein's Fifth Avenue Apartment Sold

cityfile · 08/22/08 11:24AM

The daughters of late broker-to-the-stars Linda Stein have sold her apartment at 965 Fifth Avenue. That the apartment had been the scene of Stein's brutal murder didn't exactly boost its resale value. The two-bedroom apartment, which was estimated to be worth between $2.5 and $4 million in November 2007, sold for just $1.045 million to Steven and Kathleen Carroll. [Real Deal]

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

cityfile · 06/02/08 06:57AM

The Linda Stein murder caper felt like a Law & Order episode all along. So it's no surprise the show is now appropriating the sensational real-life crime for a plotline. Joan Jett will star as the slain rock manager-turned-realty bigshot and Det. Mike Logan (Chris Noth) will solve the homicide in an hour or less. [NY Post]

Pareene · 11/28/07 10:00AM

Riddle us this: if it it's so ludicrous to believe that a mysterious black-clad stranger killed punk rock pioneer and realtor to the stars Linda Stein ("NUTTY 'NINJA' ALIBI" screams the Post) than should we conclude that personal assistant and lead suspect Natavia Lowery has also been breaking into homes on Staten Island? When is it ok to blame a ninja? We need answers! [NYP]

Choire · 11/09/07 04:10PM

Linda Stein's assistant has confessed to the murder of the real estate broker. Apparently the assistant beat her with a "yoga stick" after Stein blew marijuana smoke in her face. [NYO]

Joshua Stein · 11/09/07 11:01AM

Natavia Lowery, slain broker Linda Stein's personal assistant, has been arrested for Stein's murder after "implicating herself." Lowery, a former member of the Black Finesse Modeling Troupe, has previously been arrested on charges of identity theft. According to the Daily News, "Some of Lowery's relatives insisted she was innocent." Some! [NYDN]

Joshua Stein · 11/05/07 03:11PM

Amid all this Linda Stein murder hullabaloo (no one in custody yet!), the Post's Dan Mangan thought it would be a good idea to stir up some other high-powered real-estate sex-and-death contretemps. He's right. it is! So he called up the very hetero-normative Kent Swig, the Brown Harris Stevens co-chairman who was present at the mysterious death of his "trainer" Kenneth Casoria nearly three years ago. The death itself wasn't so mysterious. Casoria had "consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, taken ecstasy, cocaine and half a Viagra while at the party." The real question is why Swig had flown out to San Francisco to meet up with Casoria at said party. Three years later, he's still not incriminating himself. Nice try Mangan—you can always call again when Barbara Corcoran is found lifeless in the study with a candelabra. [NYP]

Medical Examiner Rules On Linda Stein Killing

Joshua Stein · 11/01/07 12:30PM

Yesterday, real estate agent to the stars, former Ramones manager and ex-wife of Belle and Sebastian muse Seymour Stein was found lying in a pool of blood in her multimillion dollar apartment. The medical examiner has since ruled that she died from "blows to the head and neck." She lived, as the Times writes in a "building, at the corner of 78th Street, [that[ has the security of doormen, elevator operators, and surveillance cameras mounted on the sidewalk canopy and in the lobby." However: "a reporter found an unlocked service door on the side street."

Choire · 10/31/07 04:37PM

"CBS 2 News has learned that Linda Stein, the former manager of the Ramones and 'realtor to the stars,' was found dead, lying in a pool of blood in her multi-million-dollar Fifth Ave. apartment on Manhattans' Upper East Side." [WCBS]