'Jersey Shore' Faces Rising Tide of Anger

cityfile · 12/08/09 02:30PM

MTV's latest reality series, Jersey Shore, has some people—such as really humorless Italian-Americans—pretty pissed, as you may have heard. Before the show even debuted, Unico National, the same group that repeatedly criticized HBO over The Sopranos, issued a statement to the media lambasting the program. It's since lined up support from several other Italian-American community groups and convinced at least two advertisers—Domino's and American Family Insurance—to stop advertising on the show.

Slut, Nut, Dyke, or Liar: A Gawker Poll

abalk2 · 07/24/06 05:00PM

In a column this Sunday concerning Peter Cook's dalliances, Linda Stasi makes the claim that, when it comes to relationships, her own gender is oft sinned against, but never sinning.

And Barbara Walters Used White Phosphorous

Jessica · 07/03/06 09:35AM

After last week's debacle over at The View, one's interest in and tolerance of highly paid bitches should be waning — but not so over at CNN, where Reliable Sources took a vacation from relevance and thus focused on Star Jones' departure from the ABC henhouse. In an effort to keep the show close to its more serious, typical beat, New York Post television critic Linda Stasi embraces the power of simile:

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 03/20/03 04:19PM

· Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter has rescinded press invitations to VF's annual Oscar party because, as one insider says, "what star is going to want to be seen partying while bombs are falling?" Apparently, the rationale for the move is that at least no one will be there to write about it if they do. [Page Six]
· Publicists are furiously lobbying to get their clients included in an upcoming Details story about the best-endowed leading men in Hollywood. [Page Six]
· Tavern on the Green is "de-Frenchizing" its menu. It's now serving "roast prime rib of beef with natural juice" rather than "roast prime rib of beef au jus." [Page Six]
· Rumor has it among restaurant owners that Mayor Bloomberg may delay the smoking ban for 60 to 90 days. Says one source, "I mean, reallyNew Yorkers can't not smoke in wartime." [Page Six]
· Post columnist Linda Stasi on the curtailing of red carpet festivities at the Oscars: "They worried for a while that their revered awards show might appear superficial and tacky in the midst of a war. As opposed to what? The great good-taste fest that it normally is?" [Liz Smith]
· A.R. Gurney's new drama, "O Jerusalem"a drama about a Texas oilman who crosses paths with his ex-lover, a Palestinian beauty who's become an activisthas generated much controversy at the Flea Theater. [NY Daily News]