Joe Lieberman Deciding Which Republican He Wants to Replace Him

Jim Newell · 10/24/11 12:00PM

It does not seem like a question of whether retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman will support a Republican in the race for his Senate seat, but which Republican he will support. Which one would annoy Democrats, the people he represented as a United States vice presidential candidate in 2000, the absolute most? This is a call he cannot afford to get wrong. Joe Lieberman is on the eve of great decisions.

Vince McMahon Shits on His Wife's Senate Opponent

Maureen O'Connor · 11/02/10 10:51AM

Last night's WWE Monday Night Raw included a vignette in which pro-wrestling don Vince McMahon awoke from a coma to discover his wife had wasted $50 million on a Senate campaign. It's funny because it's true!