Limp Bizkit's Secret 4/20 Show This Evening, 4/20, at Sunoco Station on Wayne Ave in Dayton, Ohio, Explained

Ashley Feinberg · 04/20/16 03:20PM

It’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility that Limp Bizkit, a screaming band of white working man messiahs, would put on a show at a random gas station as a 4/20 gag. Unfortunately for thousands of confused internet users, though, Limp Bizkit will not be playing at the Sunoco Station in Dayton, Ohio this evening. Unless that’s what they want you to think.

Fred Durst and the Lost Boys: One Night in New York With Limp Bizkit

Dayna Evans · 10/13/14 11:25AM

I walked into the main atrium of Best Buy Theater like Queen of the Dirtbags, a half-chewed slice of pizza in my waving hand and a vodka soda in my left, dangling down by my hip. Everything smelled like Clinique Happy perfume and ball sweat. For half a second, before crossing the threshold into the venue, I thought, Can I bring pizza in here?

Why People Aren't Going to Concerts Anymore

Brian Moylan · 07/09/10 10:57AM

Ticket sales for all the concerts in the country combined has dropped to a new low, and many big-name acts are under-performing. How could this happen? Maybe because all the bands are old and no one wants to see them.