Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/27/10 06:46AM

Two on-air personalities at MSNBC are celebrating birthdays today: Keith Olbermann is turning 51; and Ed Schultz, the host of The Ed Show, is 56. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts turns 55 today. Fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez is celebrating his 49th birthday. Model Lily Donaldson is 22. Alan Cumming is turning 45. Hedge funder Dan Och is 49. Bridget Fonda is turning 46. Retired ballet great Mikhail Baryshnikov is 62. Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is turning 70. Comedian Patton Oswalt turns 41. And actress Mimi Rogers, who may be best known for being the first wife of Tom Cruise, is 54 today.

Bring On the Blondes

cityfile · 05/07/09 08:55AM

Who's benefiting from the collapse of the economy besides vulture investors, short sellers and bargain-hunting fashionistas? Blondes! Or, more specifically, blue-eyed blonde models, who are experiencing a renaissance now that designers are casting "wholesome-looking girls with flaxen manes" in their ads in an effort to "reassure" rather than "shock" the consumer.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/27/09 07:13AM

Keith Olbermann turns 50 today. Designer Narciso Rodriguez is celebrating his 48th. Actor Alan Cumming is turning 44. Mikhail Baryshnikov is 61. Hedge fund mogul Dan Och turns 48. Model Lily Donaldson is turning 21. Tom Cruise's first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, turns 53. Actor James Cromwell turns 69. Tricky is 41. The rapper Lil Jon is 38. Bridget Fonda is 45. And Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who so spectacularly mangled Barack Obama's oath of office a week ago, turns 54 today.

Shades of Michelle, Andre's New Hat, The YSL Auction

cityfile · 12/10/08 04:00PM

• A new shade of lipstick created in honor of Michelle Obama is a "shimmery bronze that works with many skin tones." Alas, "adorable daughters and hot, incredible husband not included." [Nylon]
• Burberry's spring ad campaign features an all-Brit cast including Lily Donaldson. [Vogue UK]
• Is ID Models finished? [Fashionista]
• The new Kelly Cutrone reality show will track her as she "tries to get clients into top-tier publications," makes phone calls, and books photo shoots. [NYM]
• More details on that cap André Leon Talley's been wearing: He purchased it from a man selling stuff off the back of a truck who was "wearing a peacoat embellished with no less than a diamanteé Obama silhouette." [stylefile]
• Photos of some of the YSL items going up for auction early next year. [VF]

Barneys' Holiday Windows Embrace the '60s

cityfile · 11/12/08 03:36PM

♦ Barneys unveiled its '60s-themed holiday windows this morning, which Simon Doonan was quick to point out only borrow from "the cheery, upbeat aspects of the '60s! No overdoses, assassinations." [NYO]
♦ Downtown is being totally discriminated against by H&M: Only four stores are getting the Comme des Garçons line tomorrow: 51st and Fifth, 59th and Lex, 34th and Broadway, and 34th and Seventh. [Racked]

The Recession, Madonna, and More Michelle

cityfile · 11/11/08 04:15PM

♦ At yesterday's Fashion Group International panel on fashion retail, Simon Doonan chatted with Sally Singer, Bloomingdale's fashion director Stephanie Solomon, and InStyle's beauty director Amy Synnott about the pervasive doom and gloom in the retail industry. Doonan's take: "It's really terrifying. But I think my job is to sustain the idea that fashion is exciting and glamorous. We really need to do our best even if sales are plunging." [WWD]
♦ When deciding who should front its next campaign, did Louis Vuitton go for someone fresh, edgy, and exciting? Nope, it's supposedly Madonna. [stylefile]
♦ Because now every article on Michelle Obama's person must be identified, priced, and judged: She wore Maria Pinto to the White House, and those dangly earrings she wore on election night? White gold with diamonds, priced at $11,000, and designed by Loree Rodkin. [WSJ, The Cut]

Rachel Zoe's TV Future, A New Gig for Charlotte Ronson

cityfile · 10/14/08 02:31PM

♦ Will The Rachel Zoe Project live to see a second season? Zoe doesn't know, but she hopes so. [The Cut]
Charlotte Ronson is replacing Cory Kennedy as the face of Sebastian haircare. [Nylon]
♦ Charlotte was at Henri Bendel last night to help her future sister-in-law, Lindsay Lohan, celebrate the launch of her leggings line, 6126. [Marie Claire UK]
Tory Burch's website is about to relaunch with content based "on her personal choices, from travel to entertaining to beauty." [WWD]

Michael Phelps' Heart May Still Be Up for Grabs

cityfile · 08/20/08 05:36AM
  • Amanda Beard denies she's dating Michael Phelps because that would be "nasty." Michael, however, isn't commenting on whether or not he's dating Lily Donaldson, or anyone else. [NYP]

Michael Phelps Dating Pretty Much Whoever He Wants

Ryan Tate · 08/18/08 08:53PM

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has, for now, made that critical flip-turn into full-blown celebritydom. That means we suddenly all officially care about who the gold-metal-dapppled 23-year-old is dating, assuming we weren't already obsessed with such questions the moment we saw his chiseled Olympic bod. The current rumors have Phelps linked with Lily Donaldson, pictured left, the 21-year-old English model who displaced Kate Moss at Burberry. They also have him snogging with Amanda Beard, pictured right, who like Phelps took home gold from the 2004 Olympics but who had less success in Beijing, failing to reach the finals. Will anyone care enough to gossip about Phelps' love life in a year? Will the 2012 London Olympic hopeful have time for a love life in a year? Doubtful on both counts, but for now at least you know who to be jealous of. [Telegraph via New York, Guanabee]

From Beijing to the East Village?

cityfile · 08/18/08 12:00PM

East Village residents could be in for a pleasant surprise when they see 6'4" Olympian golden boy Michael Phelps walking down the street in a few weeks. That is, if the rumors that he's dating British model Lily Donaldson (and not Amanda Beard, whom he's also been linked to) are true. Donaldson spends most of her time in New York these days: Back in May, she bought a two-bedroom pad on Avenue B for $2.2 million. For his part, Phelps has already said he plans to take a few months off from swimming now that he's done with the Olympics. What else is he going to do if not hang out with his supermodel girlfriend, who just happens to have a lovely new love nest? One (much less alluring) bonus: Lily is just a few blocks from the crummy public pool at the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center on East Houston Street.

Models on the Move

cityfile · 05/22/08 07:54AM
  • Lily Donaldson, the 21-year-old Vogue cover girl, plunked down $2.2 million on an apartment on Avenue B. Perhaps not coincidentally, she now has about six bars in a three-block radius. [Observer]