Jaden Smith's Twitter Comes Alive on Absurd Seven-Minute Song

Jordan Sargent · 09/30/14 12:24PM

16-year-old mystic Jaden Smith released a song on Soundcloud last night called "Blue Ocean" and, well, it's very Jaden Smith. Like, "Everybody knows I'm a ghost but I can still dream"-level Jaden Smith. The Jaden Smith alert level is definitely at red (the color of the pyramids on Mars).

Rapper Lil B 'Got AIDS'

James Apsimon · 11/14/11 05:09PM

You may have noticed that "Got AIDS" is now trending on Twitter. That's because Berkeley rapper Lil B—who is either the Wesley Willis or the Andy Kaufman of hip-hop—just released a track called "I Got AIDS (AIDS Awareness Song)."

Amy Winehouse's Website Hacked by 'Swagger' Police

Maureen O'Connor · 07/01/11 10:41AM

Amy Winehouse's website falls at the hands of race-obsessed Lil' B fans. Lindsay Lohan blames "pyschotic paparazzi" for her woes. A teen idol confesses to doing blow with Michael Jackson. TGIFriday gossip.

The Wonderful World of Kreayshawn

Jason Richards · 06/07/11 01:30PM

Without a doubt, this year's earliest contender for song of the summer is "Gucci Gucci" by 21-year-old Oakland artist Kreayshawn. Though no one had heard of her a few months ago, she's now on pace to succeed Ke$ha as the foremost white female rapper in popular music.

The Old Person's Guide to 'Swag'

Adrian Chen · 05/23/11 02:39PM

An unfamiliar word fills the air, befuddling the olds: "swag." But what does the slang term mean, and where does it come from? Best learn the meaning of "swag," old person, before you are sent off to the cultural death panel.