The Secret That Brought Everyone to Tears on Project Runway

Emily Chen · 10/01/10 02:15AM

In probably the most touching and tearful episodes of the season, the designers showed a surprising amount of camaraderie and had the chance reconnect with their families. However, it was Mondo's revelation of a long hidden secret that shocked everyone.

The Best Actress Oscar Fight Just Got a Whole Lot Nastier

Richard Lawson · 09/16/10 02:30PM

A prestige actress just had a movie dropped into the fall slate. Watch out, ladies! Also today: a literary classic gets an Awzom! movie makeover, lots of TV shows hire actors, and some Christine O'Donnell jokes.

Matthew McConaughey Is Getting Into the Murder Business

Richard Lawson · 09/13/10 03:24PM

Don't tell Sarah Palin, but he wants to murder a mom. Also: James Cameron is everywhere forever, he will never die. A song gets turned into a movie, later to be turned into a Broadway musical, probably. HBO is dead.

Everyone on Project Runway Hates Tim Gunn's Little Black Bag

Emily Chen · 09/10/10 01:00AM

When the esteemed Mr. Gunn calls the designers together, it means there's going to be a challenge. When his little velvet bag with the gold tassels comes with him, it usually means unhappy designers and fashion disasters.

Why I Can Already Tell Who Wins Project Runway

Emily A. Farris · 07/30/10 02:20PM

Last night, we met the contestants on the new season of Project Runway. At first, I was tied between who I wanted to win: Do I love the awkwardly funny, Puerto Rican, Casanova? Or the 50-year-old Peach? Decision inside.

Project Runway: The End of a Line

Brian Moylan · 04/23/10 11:34AM

Project Runway is all about vision and delusion. The vision of the final collections and the ultimate winner of the season. The delusion that we'll remember them longer than a week. But for now, here's to the victor!

Highlights From Last Week’s Project Runway Live Blog

MisterHippity · 04/22/10 12:58PM

Our commenter live-blog of the penultimate episode of the season was penultamazing! Read this sampling of comments to see why—and then make plans to join us here tonight as we live-blog the season finale.

Michael Kors: Top American Insult-Hurler

Adrian Muniz · 04/22/10 12:28PM

To Heidi he's "Top American fashion designer, Michael Kors!" but to us he'll always be the guy who can whip up an insulting metaphor faster than you can say "crazy crotch." Seven seasons worth of Kors' best put-downs inside.

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 13

MisterHippity · 04/15/10 08:00PM

Missed out on this season of Project Runway? Well, now's the time to start. The two-part finale starts tonight and we'll be in the comments section of this post having a little party. It's not too late to join us!

Project Runway: All That's Fit and Print

Brian Moylan · 03/26/10 01:01PM

Project Runway is all about vision and delusion. The vision to have contestants design textiles. The delusion they'll do it well. The vision to encourage the judges to be bitchy. The delusion they'll send the right person home.