Ryan Murphy Cannot Stop

Richard Lawson · 10/13/11 04:58PM

TV's busiest writer/producer/director is far too busy. Also today: Two big-time actresses are wallowing into the television swamp, and there's some good news for Revenge fans.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette Are Still Doing It

Richard Lawson · 10/11/11 05:11PM

The Scream couple are working in Hollywood together. Also today: Lifetime remakes a modern Southern classic, some exciting Game of Thrones news, and HBO scoops up Liberace.

Kristin Davis Is a Star Again

Richard Lawson · 10/05/11 05:15PM

Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt herself has the lead in a new TV movie. Also today: The Biggest Loseer loses, 2 Broke Girls are rich, Julia Stiles gets a plum role, and Lizzy Caplan shows up.

Can We Stop the Reality Show All-Star Cast Trend?

Brian Moylan · 08/08/11 02:33PM

Lifetime announced today that it plans to air Project Runway All Stars, a spin-off series with all new judges and 13 of our "favorite" contestants returning to compete again. Naturally, the idea made me a little bit excited, but then I realized, why do we need to watch these losers again?

Sex-Scandal Beauty Queen Now a Contestant on Project Runway

Maureen O'Connor · 07/13/11 04:23PM

Project Runway recently announced its Season 9 competitors, and here's a familiar face: Anya Ayoung-Chee realized she had "designer potential" when she "had the opportunity to consult on my wardrobe for the Miss Universe pageant in 2008," as Miss Trinidad-and-Tobago. The same Miss Trinidad-and-Tobago who would go on to have a sex tape scandal involving girl-on-girl action and an indignant ex-boyfriend. NSFW video here.

Which True Blood Character Is Going Gay?

Richard Lawson · 06/15/11 05:01PM

There will be a sexual switch-up on True Blood this season, and now we're eager to find out who. Also today: Russell Crowe is moving to a different planet for a while, a deserving actress gets a big role, and the Oscars will never be the same again.

Celebrity Wife Swap Is the Latest Nadir of American Television

Richard Lawson · 05/04/11 04:30PM

It's been said of many a reality television show before, but might Celebrity Wife Swap finally destroy us? Also today: Snow White finds her prince, Project Runway brings back some old friends, and, what's this, NBC might actually have a popular show??

Stephenie Meyer Will Never Stop Bothering Us

Richard Lawson · 05/03/11 04:08PM

Ugh, another year, another movie from the mind of Stephenie Meyer. Also today: Lots of TV pickup news, including Nathan Lane's return to the small screen. Plus, Anna Faris!

Debra Messing Returns to What She Knows Best: The Gays

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 05:25PM
  • Debra Messing just cannot stay away from the gays! This is what everyone will say about the new pilot she's going to star in, Smash. She'll play a lyricist working with a GAY MAN on a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. This is an NBC sitcom pilot all about a musical! So who cares about the gay guy?? Debra Messing could be doing this show with a ten-pound stinkbug and I'd be excited about it. The Debra Messing part could itself be played by a ten-pound stinkbug and I wouldn't care. (I'd maybe even be more excited?) Let's forget the Grace 2.0 stuff and focus on the fact that Glee has made theater slightly cool for a hot minute and enjoy it. [Deadline]

Project Runway: Out of Season

Brian Moylan · 10/29/10 12:26PM

Fashion Week has come and gone, the runway collections have been shown, a winner has been chosen, and the losers have been sent home. Now all that's left is the reaction, and what a reaction it is.

Project Runway: Cheaters Never Win

Brian Moylan · 10/08/10 02:37PM

There was once a cheating scandal on Project Runway that was very dramatic. There was also once a bitch on Project Runway who made up a cheating scandal because she was very dramatic. God, do we hate her.