Blake Lively's Fall Fashion Inspiration Is Slaveowners

Allie Jones · 10/13/14 12:15PM

You'd think that after 12 Years a Slave won all those Oscars, slaves are over. But you'd be thinking wrong, says actress and lifestyle guru Blake Lively, whose dogged pursuit of the joie de vivre associated with slavery is such that she chose to be married on a Southern plantation. According to a Lively-styled fashion spread on her lifestyle website Preserve, the hottest lifestyle for fall is the lifestyle of owning human beings without government interference.

A Lifestyle Is Not a Job

Hamilton Nolan · 10/28/13 10:36AM

If you are lucky enough to have financial means and plenty of leisure time and a lack of more pressing responsibilities, you may be able to focus all of your energies on designing your "lifestyle" to your own utmost satisfaction. Congratulations on your good fortune. This does not qualify as a "job."

Which Tabloids Lie the Most?

Maureen O'Connor · 09/28/10 02:04PM

In the constantly-contradicting world of tabloid journalism, is anyone reliable? We analyzed 20 months of reported break-ups, marriages, and pregnancies to tabulate our first-ever Tabloid Reality Index, batting averages for America's five major celebrity glossies and the rumors they monger.

How Jersey Shore Ruined One Girl's Life

Brian Moylan · 03/11/10 04:06PM

Angelina "Trash Bags" left Jersey Shore after three episodes. Even that short stint in the house has ruined her life, though: Three of her former cast mates have threatened her life and DJ Paulie D blew her off. Tragedy!

The Women of Tiger Woods

Brian Moylan · 12/02/09 11:25AM

Tiger Woods may have apologized to his wife and family for running all around town with a succession of women, but that doesn't mean the ladies don't exist. Just like Tiger's wife, we all want to know who they are.

The McSteamy Naked Threesome Gets the Celebrity Weekly Treatment

Brian Moylan · 08/19/09 03:16PM

All the tabloids threw something together on deadline after our tape of Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, and Kari Ann Peniche went up. So many questions: Will their marriage survive? Who is the other woman? And just who wore it better?

Snowstorm Panic At Bauer Publishing

Ryan Tate · 03/01/09 08:15PM

We hear Bauer Publishing just summoned its entire staff to the office in a frantic effort to get ahead of the coming New York snowstorm. Bad weather + Media depression = panic!

Your Daily Dose of Media Tidbits

Hamilton Nolan · 01/07/09 04:57PM

We're starting a new, daily media column for all the media news items we can't get to individually. It may also feature pithy remarks and totally exclusive scoops. Read it today, and forevermore:

New Editor At Life & Style?

Ryan Tate · 10/02/08 08:46PM

We're told Bauer Publishing chief Hubert Boehle has grown tired of the never-ending stream of outside editors atop his celebrity fashion title Life & Style. He finds them hapless. The solution: Boehle will bring in Dan Wakeford, executive editor of another Bauer celebrity mag, In Touch, as top editor. "He wasn't given any choice in the matter," our tipster said. With both the fashion industry and celebrity magazines socked by the economy, he's got his work cut out for him.

Will The FBI Get In Touch?

Nick Denton · 02/06/08 03:26PM

Famously, Al Capone was brought down, not by charges of racketeering or murder, but by a mundane prosecution for tax evasion. Could it be that's what finally crimps corruption at the celebrity weeklies? According to Complex magazine, federal investigators have tapped phones at In Touch, the also-ran gossip magazine put out by Bauer Publishing. The focus of the FBI probe: payments to at least one editor in exchange for prominent placement of certain B-list celebrities. (For more desirable stories, and baby pictures, the money flows the other way, from magazine to source.) Accepting bribes, while a sackable offense, is not illegal. However, if an editor failed to declare the income, he could be hauled up for tax evasion. News of the investigation has leaked because agents have called in former staffers for interviews over the last few days. In Touch: want to respond? Email and we'll publish. (After the jump, Robert De Niro as Al Capone, slamming the Untouchables for "doctoring up" some income tax violation.)

Emily Gould · 11/23/07 09:30AM

Do you hate your job? Are you also not so crazy about "money?" Former Life&Style editor Mark Paretsky is staffing up his new "lifestyle-based gossip Web site" via Craigslist ad and Facebook note, offering entry-level staffers $10 an hour. Or, you know, you could work at Banana Republic, get a discount on sweaters, and not have to stare at a screen all day. [Page Six]

Emily Gould · 09/17/07 12:10PM

In an attempt to eliminate their competition, Bauer may be folding Life&Style into InTouch. "L&S would be dunzo come November- all of the L&S newstand pockets would be turned over to InTouch, thus instantly increasing InTouch's presence," a tipster informs us. Genius plan! Except one detail: "InTouch doesn't want anyone from L&S." Well, of course they don't! Those people work at freaking Life&Style.

Media Bubble: Hassan Elmasry's Campaign

abalk2 · 03/21/07 08:54AM
  • Read all about Hassan Elmasry, the Morgan Stanley portfolio manager who's trying to take the Times out of Sulzberger family hands, and the man responsible for tearing Pinch Sulzberger a new one at the late February board meeting. (In PowerPoint, no less!) [WSJ]