Gawker Gift Guide: Lifehacker Edition

Hamilton Nolan · 12/12/13 03:26PM

To make sure everyone buys everyone the best gifts ever, this year Gawker has divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites.

How to Survive Horrible Cellphone Reception

Remy Stern · 04/20/11 10:15PM

You probably use your cellphone as your primary phone line, and since it's with you all the time, that's extremely convenient. It turns into a problem, however, when you're stuck with crappy reception. [Lifehacker]

How to Get Started Making Better Coffee

Remy Stern · 03/08/11 11:58AM

Like computers, coffee is complex, easy to sink money into, and attracts a vast swath of opinions. And like computers, there's a wise middle path you can walk to get top-notch coffee without spending MacBook-like money on brewing gear. [Lifehacker]

Here Are Some Warm Places to Move To

Brian Moylan · 02/03/11 02:11PM

In the northern parts of this country, it's already been a long, wild winter. That makes it the time of year when those of us in freezing cities fantasize about which tropical locations we'd move to. Let's contemplate the options.

Is Facebook Turning Into a Scammer's Paradise?

Adrian Chen · 01/21/11 04:19PM

Facebook is being overrun by scam surveys, fake applications and bum links, according a new report by an Internet security firm. And it's getting worse by the day as scammers figure out clever new ways to trick unsuspecting users.

How to Make Every New Year's Resolution Stick for Good

Brian Moylan · 12/29/10 03:45PM

Every January 1, everyone wakes up with the best intentions of improving themselves and living a better life. By March 12, all those ideals are out the window. Not this year! Here's how to make your resolution last all year.

How to Keep Secrets—Even on Facebook

Adrian Chen · 11/13/10 11:45AM

No human relationship can withstand complete transparency. Facebook gives you plenty of opportunities to commit social faux pas in the name of "connecting," but there's no feature to help you keep necessary secrets. You have to get tricky about it.

7 Things You Should Never Do in a Club

Brian Moylan · 11/08/10 04:10PM

Going to nightclubs would be a lot more enjoyable if people knew how to behave properly. Follow these seven simple yet important rules and you'll make life easier for everyone.

What Your Facebook Profile Photo Says About You

Brian Moylan · 10/21/10 12:07PM

Choosing a Facebook profile photo is very serious business. It's the visual that will greet high school acquaintances, jealous exes, and your parents' friends when they search you out. The image you project is entirely determined by your photo choice.

Beware of the Infectious iPad

Ryan Tate · 10/14/10 04:10PM

Your filthy iPad is an excellent vector for transmitting influenza and other viruses, scientists say. In fact, if it's anywhere near as bacteria infested as a cell phone, you should be fairly disgusted to share the Apple tablet without sterilization.

Why You Should Cover The Keypad When Using an ATM

Adrian Chen · 09/24/10 11:27AM

You may already be aware of the practice of "card skimming," wherein thieves use hidden cameras and magnetic strip-readers to steal ATM customers' PIN number and card information. Here's a fascinating video taken from one of those hidden cameras.