Britney Spears: Last Night's Nightmares Mashed-Up Into Today's Video Therapy

mark · 01/04/08 01:15PM

Bolting upright in bed after being tormented by nightmares induced by having to watch as much breaking news footage of last night's Unfortunate Britney Spears Incident as her tragedy-addled mind could handle, Defamer videographer Molly McAleer finally gave up on an unavoidably fitful sleep, deciding that the best way to deal with this difficult time was to retreat to the safety of her flickering computer screen. The above mash-up represents poor Molly's attempt at exorcising her demons by sharing with the world the series of dream-despoiling images—featuring Spears in potentially life-threatening situations both fanciful and all too real (where, may we ask, was "Everytime" hero Stephen Dorff when Britney needed him most?)—that may still haunt her the rest of her days.

Tracy Imitates Tracy

Raegan · 12/14/07 12:45PM

On last night's very special Christmas episode of "30 Rock," the line between Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan became even blurrier when Jordan was forced to wear a court-ordered alcohol-detecting anklet. It's dark because it's true! Morgan was arrested twice (once on each coast!) for driving under the influence and given an alcohol vapor-monitoring accessory of his very own for 80 days. Merry Ludachristmas!