What Do You Do At Night?

Jordan Sargent · 08/06/15 11:45AM

When you return home from work, mentally exhausted despite having done mostly nothing all day, what do you do?

On Depression: To Anyone Else Living in a Fog

Alexander Hardy · 10/14/14 01:45PM

In December, while being drinky poolside with two friends under the blanket of a sticky Panama City night, I watched Twitter collectively orgasm after Beyoncé dropped. The next morning, I steered a young lady named Kitty Pryde back onto the right path, into the light. Because I'm a nice person, you see.

Pennsylvania Man Attempts Suicide Twice On Way to Work, Ends Up at Work Anyway

Jordan Sargent · 01/09/13 12:25AM

This story of a Pennsylvania man is in its own a perfect metaphor for the Sisyphean exercise that is working. The unnamed man in Canonsburg — which is about 15 miles south of Pittsburgh — tried to kill himself twice on Tuesday on his way to work, but ended up there nonetheless. His first attempt at ending his life was to jump out of a moving vehicle, but he was unsuccessful. He then stepped over a guard rail and into the path of a tractor-trailer, which knocked him out of his shoes, but didn't kill him.

Bank of America Declares Living Customer Dead for Three Years

Max Read · 03/14/12 12:30PM

Arthur Livingston, 39, maybe "alive" in the "technical" tense. He is "breathing" and his "biological heart" is "beating." But he's not alive in a much more important sense: his bank has declared him dead. Since May 2009.

Your Cell Phone Won't Kill You

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/11 04:11PM

Life lives! Bears menace! Phone cancer! Asteroid stowaways! Booby bullies! Lab dangers! Electron dancing! Neanderthal crowding! And dangerous health experiments that you can do at home! It's your Thursday Science Watch, where we watch science—on the road, baby!

In Defense of Shit Talking

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/11 01:44PM

New York Times media guy David Carr is in big trouble for going on Bill Maher's HBO show and making a joke about how Kansas, Missouri, and other "middle places" are "the dance of the low sloping foreheads." (That means "dumb," for anyone reading in Kansas or Missouri.)

Gawker Friend Aaron Jamison Has 'a Matter of Weeks Left'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/11 03:46PM

We first became familiar with terminal cancer patient and all-around loveable guy Aaron Jamison last year, when we heard about his plan to sell advertising space on his cremation urn in order to help his wife pay the bills after he died. You, the Gawker readers, chipped in to help Aaron and his wife Kristin, and they thanked you. Since a holiday update last December, we hadn't heard any more from Kristin and Aaron (although Aaron has still been updating his blog, which can be found here.)

A Picture of Hitler's Mistress in Blackface

Maureen O'Connor · 03/09/11 05:42PM

Sometimes a picture is worth so many words, it renders you speechless. Life recently digitized a cache of Eva Braun's personal photographs. Among them was a surrealist Nazi nightmare labeled "Me as Al Jolson." It dates to 1937 and shows Hitler's future bride in blackface and drag. [Life, image via Images]

Smart People Drink More Alcohol

Ravi Somaiya · 05/07/10 03:21PM

Some data fiend decided to see how data on drinking habits correlated with all sorts of other fun factors like religion, education and politics. Educated godless liberals with large vocabularies, it seems, enjoy a beverage more than most.