Hamilton Nolan · 03/27/15 10:16AM

Why are hedge funds rushing to rebrand themselves as anything besides "hedge funds?" As one hedge fund manager explains, "Labels can create a lot of emotions."

The Most Hilarious Talking Point: Republicans Against Inequality

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/15 10:00AM

Presidential campaigns have no shortage of factually empty platitudes and gross hypocrisy deployed for political gain. It's early still, but I'll wager that the 2016 campaign will see no more scoff-worthy talking point that the Republicans' sudden concern about economic inequality.

The Fairy Tale of the "Lone Wolf" Terrorists

Hamilton Nolan · 10/27/14 11:23AM

After 13 years of a spectacularly destructive and unnecessary "War on Terror" it is disheartening that this must be said, but it's better to say it now, before its legend grows: fear not the "lone wolf." All you have to fear is the myth of terror itself.

Here Is a List of Wars That Started Over Major Horseshit

Adam Weinstein · 08/04/14 02:55PM

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson launched strikes against North Vietnam for attacking U.S. warships without provocation in the Tonkin Gulf. Six days later, Congress passed a "Gulf of Tonkin resolution" giving Johnson carte blanche to make war in Vietnam. It was a thin pretext for protracted conflict.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/14 08:02AM

"About 57% of men and 51% of women aged 18-24 'have not had sex in the last year,'" and "only 36% of men reported having watched at least one pornographic film in the last year," according to a new book of lies.

Senate Panel Rips Dr. Oz a New One for Lying to Your Fat Face

Aleksander Chan · 06/17/14 05:53PM

Dr. Mehmet Oz—of the The Dr. Oz Show fame—was hauled in front of a Senate panel today to answer for all the dubious benefits he claims certain weight loss products will provide. Products that he officially endorses with his name on the label. Products that he shills on his nationally-syndicated daytime television show.

You'll Never Guess Hillary Clinton's Favorite Book

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/14 08:17AM

Some people like Hillary Clinton. Other people dislike Hillary Clinton. However you feel about Hillary Clinton, it is difficult to deny that she is one of the most cold and calculating political figures in all the land.

"American Blogger?" Yeah Right.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/14 02:51PM

In the grand tradition of "American [Noun]" movies comes this new (and apparently real) documentary, American Blogger, the trailer for which is above. You will notice that its "American bloggers" are almost exclusively attractive, well-lit women.