Mother Arrested After Toddler Laughs in Public Library

Seth Abramovitch · 09/07/11 12:35AM

The DeKalb County Library in Atlanta takes their silence very seriously. Donnetta Foster is a 20-year-old student and single mom who, back in 2010, was looking for a job on the library computers. She was then ejected from the premises when her son, 14-month-old Savon, made "a laughing noise while looking at an animal flash card." This did not sit well with Ms. Foster.

She Likes to Dance in the... Library

Matt Cherette · 06/30/10 03:02PM

So, I can't really tell if this girl is just really into whatever it is she's listening to on her headphones, or if she's possessed by a demon or something, but this video is creepily hilarious. DO YOUR THING, GIRL!