As the Markets Tumble, So Do Wall Streeters' Libidos

cityfile · 12/01/08 02:17PM

If your boyfriend happens to work on Wall Street, don't expect him to be in the mood for much romance this evening. The Dow dropped another 680 points today and it seems all the negative economic news is now taking a toll in the bedroom. Experts say that stress, depression and anxiety related to the economic crisis has led to a sharp drop in mens' libido. One couple that was once doing the deed four times a week? They've only had sex once since the "economy went soft," reports the Post. "A man's sexual apparatus is very delicate. If something is wrong, it is very difficult for men to get or maintain an erection," says Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who probably knows about these issues more than anyone else, especially since she's old enough to have been dishing out sex advice during the Great Depression.