Political Pundits Are Mostly Worthless

Hamilton Nolan · 10/26/12 01:30PM

Politics, like sports, is a subject whose barrier to entry is nonexistent. That is to say, it takes virtually no knowledge of any sort in order to have an opinion on the topic. That is why politics, like sports, is such a popular thing to talk about. It is also why the vast majority of the political talk by professional political talkers is worthless.

Cutesy Right-Wing Ecards Are a Thing

Adrian Chen · 07/24/12 12:03PM

The stylized drawings and hip fonts of Someecards do not at first seem compatible with virulent right-wing sentiment. But this is the internet: Wackjobs find a way. Check out these hilarious right-wing ecards, coming to a conservative relative's Facebook wall near you.

Terrorists Win, Jesus Cries as School Confiscates Boy's American Flag

Hamilton Nolan · 09/15/11 02:46PM

Shawn Stevens is nothing but a good old 12 year-old boy. An American boy. He has a touch of autism, but he's American, and that's what matters. He's a young man who just wanted to carry a flag. An American flag. The stars and stripes. The banner of freedom. A simple desire to hold Old Glory in his very own hands. To carry that flag around, at the school, that taxpayers paid for, to let everyone know that the American dream lives. It lives in the mind of a boy. An American boy. Named Shawn Stevens.

Whether Liberal or Conservative, Hip Young DC Residents Are Nerds

Hamilton Nolan · 06/06/11 09:20AM

It's already been established that Washington, DC—once known as the Most Dangerous City in America—is now being consumed by a young, hip vibe that threatens to engulf the entire metropolitan area in a tidal wave of youth, hipness, and white people. We now turn to the Washington Post for a deeper look at this phenomenon. What does the newly young and hip DC look like? Like a bunch of nerds, drinking.

Arizona Liberals Want Their Own State

Jim Newell · 05/10/11 01:08PM

What's the latest terrible news from Arizona, America's dirt backyard? Not much has changed, really. People want as many guns as possible, to make up for the lack of jobs and sustainable mortgages, while Steven Seagal rides around in tanks attacking chickens. Also, penis certificates. There's very little to complain about. So leave it to the liberals to not appreciate how good they have it and demand their own state.

Liberal Pinko Welfare Handouts Work Well, Actually

Hamilton Nolan · 03/21/11 11:48AM

Liberal gay and very likely socialist New York City is much like a petri dish in which liberals enact their anti-American policies unimpeded, as the rest of American looks on in horrified fascination. The city's latest far-left experiment: giving money directly to poor people so they can run out and buy Cadillacs and crack cocaine, courtesy of hardworking taxpayers. What do the cold, hard statistics say about the failings of this welfare society run amok?

What Should Keith Olbermann Do Next?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/25/11 04:36PM

Keith Olbermann's reign as king of the MSNBC bloviators is over. All he's done since leaving the network is tweet in a self-absorbed manner. What should K.O.'s next career move be? Allow us to offer some free advice.

Sarah Palin's Bloggers Hate Her

Maureen O'Connor · 11/03/10 10:27AM

Sarah Palin's new website, SPAlaska, features four blogs. That means Sarah Palin had to hire four unemployed bloggers, and you know what that means: liberals! One used to work for Gore. Another trash talked Palin on her old blog. [DailyBeast]

Are You Genetically Predisposed to Be Liberal?

Max Read · 10/28/10 02:56AM

Scientists have discovered a "liberal gene" that, combined with an active adolescent social life, appears to correlate with liberal political views. And you thought you made your own choices about your politics! Ha, ha, not according to science.

Should Foreign Names Be Allowed in the City Where Ground Zero Is?

Hamilton Nolan · 08/26/10 01:12PM

Your neighbors: can you trust them? Well, more than you could 100 years ago, when kindly "Mr. Smith" next door may have been a dirty German who changed his name. Today, foreigners just rub our faces in their un-American pronunciations.