Cory Booker's Name Has Become a Synonym for "Sellout"

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/16 04:26PM

It is interesting to reflect on the fact that in just one decade, Cory Booker has gone from Inspirational Activist Mayor of a Devastated Black City to Untouchable Neoliberal Scum.

Don't Piss on Your Best Friend 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/15 08:35AM

On Saturday, Bernie Sanders was scheduled to speak to a crowd of thousands of supporters in a Seattle park. He never did; the event was shut down after a handful of protesters disrupted it in the name of “Black Lives Matter.” This was remarkably dumb.

Here Is the Most Insane Anti-Immigration Campaign TV Ad of 2014

Adam Weinstein · 07/17/14 03:00PM

No one will beat Andrew Thomas. I mean, yes, he will likely lose the race for Arizona governor, and lose very badly. But when it comes to xenophobic pearl-clutching blabber about booting "illegals" and cowing gay liberals, Thomas is a master race unto himself.

The Clintons Support Estate Taxes, Avoid Estate Taxes

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/14 10:24AM

America has treated the Clinton family pretty well. They've become millionaires many times over. But a new report says that even as they support policies to tax the estates of the extreme wealthy, they try to avoid those taxes on their own wealth.

Why Wal-Mart Should Be Pushing for Socialism

Hamilton Nolan · 02/27/13 01:30PM

Wal-Mart is widely despised by left wingers for reasons both philosophical and aesthetic. The company, in turn—though sometimes pushing for "green" improvements and other traditionally liberal notions that will help the Wal-Mart bottom line—is a heavy Republican donor and notorious union-buster, and generally behaves in the corporatist, center-right way that one would expect of one of America's largest corporations.

Uruguay Has the President of Your Dreams

Hamilton Nolan · 01/07/13 09:50AM

I'm ashamed to say that I was completely unfamiliar with the exploits of Jose Mujica, the onetime guerilla fighter who has been president of Uruguay since 2010. (So this is not "news" per se, but education is power.) Having been brought up to date by an excellent Simon Romero story on Mr. Mujica this weekend, we are prepared to declare him The President of Our Dreams Who Is the President You Would Design in Your Imagination But Never Expect to Exist in the Real World. Consider:

The Twitter Police Beat and the Tolerant Left

Mobutu Sese Seko · 12/20/12 03:45PM

When you hear complaints about academic suppression on the blogosphere, they usually emerge from the political right. A right-wing professor attempting to promote academic diversity by giving a space for conservative ideas only risks being kept off the tenure track or fired by Dean Adolf Karlmarx, over at Surrender University of New Yellowcurs-Oneonta.

What Obama's Second Term Will Really Look Like

Mallory Ortberg · 11/07/12 08:51PM

There is a particular type of white person who startles easily, like a sensitive, inbred racehorse or a motherless baby bird. As you might imagine, this has not been an easy week for them. What do they fear? Everything, mostly. Religions that are very similar but not identical to their own. Loud voices and bold fonts. Multi-book series that are not trilogies. More specifically, they fear what will happen to this most American of the Americas during another four years of an Obama presidency.