Here Is the Archive of the Famous Liberal Media 'Journolist'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/21/13 09:13AM

Way back in 2009, the hottest media story was the exposure of the existence of "Journolist," a private listserv of several hundred mostly liberal journalists, talking to each other about crap. This was perceived as a big scandal! Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 for the full archives. Well, we got (some of) them. Here they are.

'President Obama is a Nanny State Champion:' This Week in Hate-Watching Bill O'Reilly

Matt Toder · 02/18/12 09:55AM

Fox News blowhard in chief Bill O'Reilly has a serious problem with President Obama's "nanny state" and he really got a chance to flex that muscle this week. And why haven't you heard about all the civil liberties the current administration is stomping on? Why, because of the liberal media of course, another one of O'Reilly's punching bags. All in all it made for a particularly blustery week in O'Reilly-land. Here are the highlights in 60 seconds.

Sarah Palin: 'I Am Through Whining About A Liberal Press'

Jim Newell · 03/24/11 01:55PM

Globetrotting grifter Sarah Palin sat down with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren last night to discuss Libya, her recent vacation, you name it. What she would not spend the whole interview doing is "whining" about the "liberal press," her favorite activity which she's quitting now that she's "made my point."

Typical NYT Reader Gets Editorial Page Gig

Hamilton Nolan · 10/23/08 09:33AM

Hey, here's a surprisingly bold and fresh move, in opposite-world: the New York Times—a serious newspaper—is planing to give regular space on its editorial page to Bono—an edgy rock star! Will this odd couple possibly be able to get along? Will Bono stumble into the office at 7 a.m. after a night of wild coked-up groupie sex and start trashing the place, disturbing the morning meditation of Times editorial page chief Andy Rosenthal? Are Times readers ready for some motherfuckin rock-n-roll? Ha, of course what you really have to look forward to is six to ten editorials from another wealthy cosmopolitan liberal. Rosenthal and Bono have more in common than two ring-tail lemurs from separate sides of Madagascar. Wake us up when you hire Young Jeezy. [Radar]

Hero Journo Joins Fox!

Pareene · 10/20/08 02:01PM

Hooray for Judith Miller! After years in the wilderness, she's finally come home. The former star New York Times national security correspondent is heading to Fox News as an on-air analyst and general sad embarrassment. Miller became famous when she went to jail in a grandstanding stunt because she refused to admit that her secret source was Scooter Libby even though Libby had signed a waiver authorizing her to testify about their conversations and then there was some poetry exchanged and eventually she quit the Times in disgrace and they wrote a caged Editors Note about how she lied, incessantly, in the run-up to the war in Iraq, which was sold to Americans using bullshit planted in her articles by people from the office of the Vice President and then cited by Vice President Cheney. In other words, no one likes her. So now she's going to be on Fox in their new glorious Democrats-are-in-charge-again rebirth as the loyal opposition to the terrorists who will run the country in 2009. They are sooo lucky to have her! Since she left the Times she's been with the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think thank, because she's given up entirely on getting anyone to like her or take her seriously anymore. Also she endorsed Barack Obama because why not? She probably believes in abortion and socialism and progressive taxation just as much as she believed that Iraq was a dangerous threat based on the most specious and misleading of evidence. For a while all the "serious" media liberals had to acknowledge that Bush was more "serious" about National Security than those peacenik hippie Nation-reading commies, remember? No, no one remembers, or cares, whatever. Miller is of course either delusional or just doesn't give a shit:

Hated Bureau Chief No Longer Acting

Pareene · 08/01/08 01:38PM

This will please Politico. (And our commenters!) Ron Fournier, who got in trouble recently for being too friendly to Karl Rove a couple years ago and also for turning down a job offer a couple years ago is now the official Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press. He was just acting chief before. Now he'll maliciously add pro-McCain bias to AP stories for real. [FishbowlNY]

The Liberal Hordes Will Destroy Joe Klein And Also Spike Web Traffic

Choire · 11/29/07 10:35AM

Two men who wear ties—Westchester dad and Time columnist Joe Klein and hot bloggy lawyer-liberal Salon boy Glenn Greenwald—are deep in a vicious tussle over a recent Klein column. In his Time column, Klein sort of made up an interpretation of a proposed bill and then went on a tirade about how America is pandering to terrorists. Now the liberals want Joe Klein to be fired! And Glenn Greenwald has written seven posts about Klein and how terrible Time magazine is in the last week.