Remember When Lindsey Graham Lied About Being a Veteran?

Alex Pareene · 06/01/15 01:50PM

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-John McCain’s sad shadow), a man loathed by conservatives for supporting immigration reform and loathed by non-conservatives for supporting all wars everywhere forever, is running for president. CNN reports that Graham “hopes that his track record on foreign affairs will give him the advantage in a wide-open primary fight.”

Pro Football Shill Lanny Davis Lies About Shilling for Pro Football

Tom Scocca · 01/15/15 09:35PM

Antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating infection Lanny Davis published a column in the Hill yesterday deploring the media's terrible rush to judgment against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Because the NFL's self-commissioned investigation into the Ray Rice scandal failed to find evidence that the league had done wrong, Davis wrote, all the various outlets that had reported on the other evidence of the league's wrongdoing owed Goodell an apology.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/14 03:59PM

In a new study, "bankers were about as honest as anyone else — until they were reminded that they were bankers."

Robin Thicke Was High in Studio, Lied About Writing "Blurred Lines"

Rich Juzwiak · 09/15/14 11:40AM

Want to hate Robin Thicke even more than you already do? OK, here you go: The Hollywood Reporter got its hands on transcripts of his and Pharrell Williams from their preemptive lawsuit against Marvin Gaye's children, who threatened to sue over the sonic similarities between Thicke and Williams "Blurred Lines" and Gaye's "Got To Give It Up." In his testimony, Thicke admits that he was "high on Vicodin and alcohol" during the creation of the song, and that he received undue credit (he's listed ahead of Williams as a songwriter).

Brendan O'Connor · 02/02/14 06:00PM

Our attention has been brought to the fact that the Puppy Bowl was filmed in October. Everything good in life continues to be a lie. Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Infomercial Scam Diet Pitchman Jailed

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/13 09:38AM

Kevin Trudeau is a longtime TV pitchman famous for selling the public secrets that "THEY" don't want you to know. For example, THEY don't want you to know that Kevin Trudeau is a fraud who is now in jail.

Lacey Donohue · 10/06/13 08:26PM

The season’s grossest drink continues to torment its faithful consumers. Not only is the Pumpkin Spice Latte not vegan, it’s also a big fat liar: your 400-calorie no-whip Venti PSL doesn’t actually contain any pumpkin.

Adrian Chen · 05/08/13 11:02AM

Lying clown Mike Daisey is premiering his new monologue in Portland. It's called "Journalism."

It's Time to Give Journalistic Criminals Like Jonah Lehrer the Journalistic Death Penalty

Hamilton Nolan · 02/14/13 12:14PM

Jonah Lehrer, promising young golden boy of Gladwellian think-journalism, has had a bad eight months. Caught plagiarizing himself last June; soon after, caught fabricating quotes, and forced to resign from his plum gig at the New Yorker, and rapidly cast out of the chosen fold to wander the wilderness as a sort of fallen angel. Even the Knight Foundation, which just this week paid Lehrer $20K for his big mea culpa speech, is already saying that it regrets doing so. Some are urging him to donate the money to charity. All in all, his no doubt meticulously-planned return to the spotlight has fallen flat.

Here's How Roger Ailes 'Watches the Powerful'

John Cook · 11/16/12 04:00PM

Fat asshole Roger Ailes granted a surprise interview to TVNewer's Chris Ariens this week. Ailes, the president of Fox News, is generally reticent with the press, choosing to emerge only occasionally from his gay-proofed News Corp bunker and defend the ideological histrionics of the news team he has assiduously assembled over his 16 years at Fox when a controversy emerges. Here's what he told Ariens, by way of criticizing what he perceives to be a pro-Obama sentiment among his competitors: "The press is supposed to watch the powerful. And not throw in with them."

At Least Dick Whitman Earned His Purple Heart

Caity Weaver · 02/22/12 07:02PM

Dinner parties and obituaries could become a lot less interesting if the Supreme Court votes to uphold a law which makes it a federal offense to lie about having received military honors.

Let an Infamous Media Liar Set You Up on a Group Blind Date

Ryan Tate · 09/27/11 03:56PM

Jerry Guo's startup "Grouper" sets people up on dates with posses of strangers. That's the kind of company you need to be able to trust. Which is why it's especially relevant that Guo's history of conning people—and apparently the nation of Thailand!—has just been revealed.

Patti Stanger Is a Lying Liar

Matt Cherette · 09/27/11 03:15AM

Following Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's appearance alongside Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, we posted a video of her reinforcing negative stereotypes of gay men with stupid statements disguised as dating advice.

Accused Rapist: Woman Whose Apartment I Broke Into Totally Wanted It

Hamilton Nolan · 08/16/11 08:30AM

This is a distasteful subject, yes, but let's, for a moment, talk about defenses against a rape charge. I guess people who are charged with a violent rape could say it was a case of mistaken identity, that they weren't the guy who did it. That is about the only possible defense that I can think of! Or, you can try what NYC rape suspect Jason Quinones is saying: that terrified woman whose apartment I broke into totally wanted it.

Ann Coulter Dodging Questions About Her Age: Strangely Thrilling

Maureen O'Connor · 06/09/11 01:43PM

Watching Ann Coulter antagonize black people and 9/11 widows is, at this point, pretty boring. Watching Ann Coulter answer questions about her age, though? Strangely thrilling. Here's Piers Morgan quizzing the razor-boned pipe cleaner about the time she dropped two years from her age.