Rellatio: Extra Sucky PR Work

Jessica · 04/05/06 01:52PM

This week brings a new website called Rellatio, a pseudo-sexy public relations company claiming to be founded by former porn stars (not to be confused with Amanda Chapel's Strumpette, which is just a pseudo-sexy public relations blog where the writer poses like a porn star).

Remainders: Kathy Hilton's Motherly Nipple

Jessica · 01/16/06 05:25PM

• Kathy Hilton takes a tip from daughter Paris and goes for the midlife-crisis nip-slip. Click to enlarge (NSFW) and shudder. [Jossip]
• Sharp eyes may have noted that Vogue editbeast Anna Wintour's stepson, Samuel Shaffer, was married last Thursday to Kathryn Neale, a freelance writer. Let's hope Ms. Neale freelances enough to finance enough couture to wardrobe a lifetime of dinners with the in-laws. (Also, the wedding was in New Zealand, which explains the shocked emails we got from random Kiwi readers who thought they were hallucinating visions of Chanel tweed.) [NYT]
• And, as long as we're in the Styles section, yes, we too endured the article on teen clubs, featuring barely-legal "promoter" and Grubman PR intern Lexi Lehman. Could she reach media saturation before her 18th birthday? [NYT]
• Everyone's favorite blogging stripper, Mimi in NY, does her thing for the UK Sun. We find her graduation pictures from Cambridge particularly interesting; it's interesting what a blog and a gig at Scores does for to your appearance. [Sun UK]
• Slate hed writers go for the lowest common denominator and ask, "Are teachers who sleep with their students getting off?" Well, for all that trouble, we should hope so. [Slate]
• You'll find a lot of crap on the subway, but only the truly blessed find a bag full of Adderall and condoms. [Craigslist]

Remainders: You Can't Hold Blackface Jesus Down

Jessica · 12/05/05 06:15PM

• It's the next, inevitable step in his path to righteousness: Blackface Jesus has a MySpace page. [MySpace]
• Virgin's Sir Richard Branson aims to make a television, internet and telephone empire, ultimately to take on Rupert Murdoch. Can a white knight topple the evil Aussie darklord? [Telegraph]
• The new face of fear looks like an email from Lexi Lehman. [The Three-Toed Sloth]
• We don't care WHAT you see on the cover of GQ; Jennifer Aniston's breasts are not for public consumption. [TSG]
• Mapping your failure on the Table of Contents. [Encyclopedia Hanasania]

Coming to the Defense of Lexi Lehman

Jessica · 12/05/05 07:59AM

A thoughtful reader with a very good point emails us to point out the inherent wrong in our coverage of Grubman PR intern and nightclub proprietress for privileged youth, Lexi Lehman:

Lexi Lehman Destined for PR Greatness

Jessica · 12/02/05 01:45PM

Yesterday we sadly introduced you to 17-year-old Lexi Lehman, the Grubman PR intern who's behind Crush, the Chelsea teen club that aims to provide velvet-rope exclusivity to uptown's privileged 18-and-under crowd. In the Post article on this extra-curricular nightlife project, Lehman explained why an alcohol-free venue was necessary: "Teenagers don't want to be exposed to alcohol or older men. It's scary."

Little Girl Dreams Can Come True

Jessica · 12/01/05 06:00PM

Too young and not quite jaded enough to handle the velvet ropes at Marquee and Bungalow 8? Even better, are you under 18 or prefer to stalk those under 18? If so, Crush might be the perfect nightclub for you.

Team Party Crash: Teen Factory for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Jessica · 11/07/05 02:50PM

Smells like teen spirit.
If only we had friends like Lexi Lehman when we were 16. The Lizzie Grubman PR intern invited dozens of her closest friends to attend the Andy Warhol Factory Party she helped organize at the Altman Building on Saturday night to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Alas, we spent the majority of our adolescence sniffing glue while sitting in after-school detention. Our invites to parties like this must have been lost in the mail. Thankfully, we're post-college and technically adults, which means we scored a golden ticket to Saturday night's event and forced kiddie-porn fanatic Intern Neel to go in our place. After the jump, his reportage, with underage photos from staff voyeur Nikola Tamindzic.