Porn Version of Levi Not Afraid to Show His Johnston

Brian Moylan · 12/01/09 05:25PM

We're surprised it's taken this long, but gay porn studio Jet Set Productions is filming Getting Levi's Johnson this weekend. The biggest difference between this and Levi's Playgirl shoot? Well, there will actually be wang.

Photo Disaster: No Full Frontal of Levi!

Brian Moylan · 11/16/09 06:08PM

There is no wang. We repeat, there is no wang! Playgirl's seen the results of last week's photo shoot, and while there may be glimpses of Levi Johnston's baby maker, there is no full-frontal shot. Let the blame game begin!

Levi's Johnston Watch: He Is Naked with a Hockey Stick

Brian Moylan · 11/12/09 03:26PM

We have confirmation from the set of Levi's Playgirl shoot that he has just posed naked with a hockey stick: "His ass is as smooth as a Sade song." Mark your calendars. This is officially Levi Johnston's Penis Appreciation Day.

In the Eye of the Levi Johnston Media Hurricane

Brian Moylan · 11/12/09 01:27PM

At this very moment, Levi Johnston is undressing for a Playgirl photo shoot. But last night he was at The Box accepting an award from Fleshbot while a scrum of reporters poked and probed the Wasilla boy for a story.

Dear Levi, Please Do Not Worry about the Size of Your Penis

Maureen O'Connor · 11/05/09 03:31AM

Oh no! Page Six says Levi Johnston has reached the inevitable size-anxiety portion of his pre-Playgirl mental training, making this the perfect time for some thinly-veiled lies about why we will love him even in the event of ugly wiener.

Levi's Johnston Watch: We Have Wang!

Brian Moylan · 10/29/09 10:22AM

Though Levi Johnston's svengali Tank Jones told us last week that he was "90% sure" Levi would bare all for Playgirl, he has officially removed that pesky 10% uncertainty. Levi will be going, um, whole hog for his upcoming shoot.

Johnston Watch: '90% Sure' There Will Be Full Frontal

Brian Moylan · 10/22/09 04:19PM

The contract is signed, ladies and gentleman, this thing is really going to happen. No one is disclosing cash figures yet, but it's more than the $25,000 he was originally offered. And there might be wang!

Johnston Watch: The Deal Is Practically Signed

Brian Moylan · 10/16/09 04:32PM

Last we heard, both Levi Johnston's people and Playgirl were still haggling on terms. Now everything is settled and the online magazine has sent off the contract and is waiting for signatures. Status updated!