Levi Johnston Knocks Up Another Girlfriend

Maureen O'Connor · 04/03/12 09:59AM

Bristol Palin's son will soon have a brother: TMZ reports that Bristol baby daddy Levi Johnston has knocked up another female Wasillan below drinking age. The lucky lady is Sunny Oglesby, age 20. She is reportedly three months pregnant and has been dating 21-year-old Levi for "just over a year."

Lindsay Lohan's New Job: 'Modeling' in Milan

Maureen O'Connor · 09/22/11 10:21AM

Lindsay Lohan is an Italian fashion plate. Emily Deschanel gives birth. Scarlett Johansson's late-night rendezvous with Timberlake. Bethenny Frankel's maritime rescuer thinks she's a jerk. Minka Kelly's butt gets slapped. Thursday gossip makes love to the camera.

Johnston: 'Bristol's Pregnancy Wasn't an Accident'

Max Read · 08/06/11 11:11AM

Mercede Johnston claims that Bristol Palin both did and did not want to be pregnant with her brother's child. Doug Hutchison claims that the emails sent by his 16-year-old wife were actually sent by "hackers." Saturday gossip is now has a better credit rating than the U.S. government.

The Underwear Model Who Became Levi Johnston

Richard Lawson · 04/27/11 05:01PM

Or rather will become. The role of Levi has been cast, and the actor who will play him, like Levi, enjoys taking his clothes off for money. Also today: Superman casting, Piranha casting, and movie awards hosting news.

Levi Johnston Is Writing a Tell-All

Max Read · 04/25/11 10:24PM

Palin-impregnator Levi Johnston has not been in the news much lately, so it's lucky he's got a big announcement: The father of Sarah Palin's grandchild is writing a tell-all! "Levi is going to talk about everybody," manager Tank Johnson says. Everybody, like everybody in the whole world? (What a long book that would be!) Alas, no, it seems Johnson means the Palin family ("Sarah Palin, and the rest of the family—Bristol too"), and that it will have "good stuff," like "exclusive photos." Time will tell if Johnston can fit book-writing in to his busy schedule: He turns 21 on May 6, and he is, we believe, still running for Mayor of Wasilla. Also, he has a kid. Trint? Trodd? Or whatever? [Radar Online; Us Magazine]