Here's LeVar Burton Reading Go The Fuck to Sleep

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/26/14 06:31PM

Voice of your childhood LeVar Burton telling a room of people, "For real, shut the fuck up and sleep," makes for one delightful Reading Rainbow episode.

LeVar Burton Teaches Kids About the Boring, Shitty World of Twitter

Jay Hathaway · 08/08/14 12:49PM

Twitter is basically like pooping. We all do it. But watching someone else do it, or hearing them talk about it in detail, makes us feel weird and ashamed. Given that, here is a Reading Rainbow parody called "Tweeting Rainbow," in which LeVar Burton explains the social media equivalent of taking a dump to a group of kids.

Cord Jefferson · 07/02/13 11:14AM

Beloved Reading Rainbow/Star Trek star LeVar Burton says he has a ritual to avoid getting shot when being pulled over by police. He removes his hat and sunglasses, rolls down his car window, and puts his hands out to show he's not armed. "I do that because I live in America," he says.

LeVar Burton: "There's a Shower in the Toilet!"

Leah Beckmann · 02/10/11 06:30PM

LeVar's endless enthusiasm circa '83, reminds us that it's the simple things in life that matter. Like, when you're riding aboard a passenger train and you discover a shower in your personal bathroom. "Oh boy!" is right.

Reading Rainbow's Disturbing Lost Episode

Anderson Evans · 02/26/10 03:37PM

Ever wonder how this PBS classic might have been improved if Levar's kids took on something more challenging than children's books about talking animals facing challenges of pre-adolescence? Well thanks to this recently discovered footage you need not wonder again.

'One Tree Hill' Makes It To 100 Episodes You Haven't Seen

Seth Abramovitch · 03/18/08 02:30PM

· One Tree Hill celebrates its 100th episode with a very special one in which Chad Michael Murray slips into autopilot while secretly fantasizing to himself about how nice it would be to break free of The CW ghetto for the feature movie career he so richly deserves. [Variety]
· Peter Berg signs on to direct Dune for Paramount, presumably righting whatever wrongs were committed against the sacred source material by David Lynch's Sting-in-a-licorice-thong version. [Variety]
· McLovin works! The voice talents of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, along with Superbad buddy and child insult comic Jonah Hill, will be employed to thrilling effect in Dreamworks's computer-animated fantasy, How to Train Your Dragon. [THR]

STV · 03/17/08 04:17PM

While we stand by our casting choices for the inevitable movie version of the Eliot Spitzer debacle, Hollywood Reporter columnist Ray Richmond has his own bright ideas. Lots of them, in fact: he's got a feature starring Kevin Spacey as the disgraced New York governor; a network TV movie featuring Meg Ryan as Silda Wall Spitzer; a Comedy Central film with Sarah Silverman as high-priced hooker "Kristen"; and the one we're personally rooting for, a BET biopic of lieutenant governor David Paterson starring LeVar Burton. "Synopsis: A film about The Man Who Would Be Governor," Richmond writes, "one that embodies the slogan, 'When life hands you a New York governorship, make New York governorship-ade.' " Throw in Burton's stylish Geordi La Forge eyewear from Star Trek: The Next Generation for the legally blind governor, and we'll even donate our next month's pay to the production budget. At least that should cover the props. [Past Deadline]