Harvard Guy Gives Orgasmic Review to Other Harvard Guy

Alex Carnevale · 10/25/08 04:25PM

Since we're such big fans of Time book critic Lev Grossman, this week's review of John Updike's latest book troubles us that much more. Updike apparently has images of Grossman tearing through The Da Vinci Code somewhere, because we can't think of any other reason to toss Philip Roth aside so quickly and embrace John Updike so completely as he does in his review of their latest efforts. The adulation becomes unbearable starting now.Lev Grossman fellates Updike with a knowing look as Updike cradles his bald head in a three part essay that also addresses Philip Roth and Toni Morrison. Grossman's highest praise is for the man from his alma mater:

'Time' Book Critic Will Not Abide Your Amateur Criticism

abalk2 · 09/19/06 01:55PM

You can add "blogger hurt my feelings" to the list of go-to topics for columnists having a hard time finding something to write about. The latest example comes from the pages of Time, where book critic Lev Grossman takes on Ed Champion of edrants.com. While admitting that he's fair game, Grossman still feels the sting of Champion's barbs: "I do know that in the past Edward Champion has called me...'the Uwe Boll of the book reviewing world.'" (Boll, the man responsible for House of the Dead and BloodRayne, is widely believed to be the worst director in the world, if not of all time.)" But, at the end of an essay filled with tortured superhero metaphors, Grossman extends the olive branch, saying,