Leslee Dart

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:34PM

Dart heads the PR firm 42 West (formerly called the Dart Group) and reps some of the biggest names in the film business including Meryl Streep and Woody Allen.

Trade Round-Up: It's Like "S1m0ne" And "The Recruit" Never Happened

mark · 10/24/05 01:36PM

· In a dramatic move that nonetheless fails to inspire us to care much about the story, SAG's new leadership fires its national executive director. [Variety]
· Generously disregarding the last decade of his career, Al Pacino's acting peers met at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to praise him and present him with the 2005 American Cinematheque Award. [THR]
· Disney becomes the first (and only) studio to embrace the magical anti-piracy DVD players offered free to Academy members. No worries if you've already sold yours for a ten-spot at a yard sale—Disney probably doesn't have any real Oscar contenders, anyway. [Variety]
· Mark-Paul "I Will Always Be Zach Morris To An Entire Generation Of TV Viewers, No Matter How Many Serious Dramas I Do" Gosselaar will join the cast of Commander in Chief. Look for The West Wing to hire Lisa Turtle as a sassy presidential aide in retaliation. (Come on, a Screech joke would've been twice as hacky.) [THR]
· A bloodcurdling "Bitch, no you di'int!" echoes through superflack Pat Kingsley's office as rival Leslee Dart steals away a cherished PMK publicist for her fledgling Dart Group. Slapping of grills and yanking of weaves to follow. [Variety]