How To Turn a Lesbian Cult Classic Novel Into an Acclaimed Film: Carol Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy

Rich Juzwiak · 11/20/15 11:41AM

Todd Haynes’s Carol is simple, elegant, and devastating. It tells a story of pre-Stonewall gay love between two women, who become what they are using no specific societal blueprint (none existed for lesbians in the ‘50s), but through their love for each other. Carol (Cate Blanchett) is a mother going through a divorce who happens upon Therese (Rooney Mara), a younger shopgirl in her 20s, and is immediately enchanted. What ensues is a love story that is told with tenderness, pacing, and melodrama that evokes the era depicted in the film. Sometimes it shouldn’t even work—like when during an emotional peak between Carol and Therese, it starts snowing out of nowhere—but it always does, thanks to the tremendous directing, writing, and performances of everyone involved. Carol is, simply, one of the year’s finest movies and its final shot is among the most indelible I’ve ever seen. This movie imprints itself on you, and what’s more, you want it to.

Fired Editor Sues for His Religious Freedom to Write About "Gaystapo"

Adam Weinstein · 07/24/14 09:58AM

Back in May, the Newton Daily News of Iowa fired its editor-in-chief for comments he'd made on his personal blog. This week, the editor filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming he was fired for his sincere religious beliefs, which compel him to fight "the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo" to the last.

Here Is the Most Insane Anti-Immigration Campaign TV Ad of 2014

Adam Weinstein · 07/17/14 03:00PM

No one will beat Andrew Thomas. I mean, yes, he will likely lose the race for Arizona governor, and lose very badly. But when it comes to xenophobic pearl-clutching blabber about booting "illegals" and cowing gay liberals, Thomas is a master race unto himself.

Adam Weinstein · 06/04/14 02:02PM

There's a megachurch in Texas, 90 percent of whose 4,500 members are LGBT. And it's been officiating gay marriages for like 40 years. Give us that old-time religion!

S.C. College Forced to Close Gender-Studies Center After Lesbian Play

Adam Weinstein · 05/13/14 12:59PM

Amid political pressure over its decisions to put on a "lesbian" play and offer incoming freshmen pro-LGBT readings, an embattled college in the South Carolina public university system has suddenly announced it's closing its gender-studies center.

Idaho Bigots Won't Let Elderly Gay Veteran Be Buried With Her Wife

Adam Weinstein · 04/24/14 12:00PM

Madelynn Taylor, 74, served six years in the Navy. Madelynn Taylor grew up with the woman she would eventually marry in Oregon, in 1995. Madelynn Taylor is welcome to be buried in the veterans' cemetery in Idaho, where she now lives. But not with her now-deceased spouse, thanks to an anti-gay state law.

South Carolina Idiots Terrified of Lesbians Recruiting Their Kids

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/14 08:54AM

Though there are many fine people in the state of South Carolina, it is fairly uncontroversial to observe that the political class of South Carolina is the dumbest bunch of fucking hicks legally allowed to vote in the United States of America.

Adam Weinstein · 02/20/14 03:26PM

A "network of conservative religious groups" is pushing new "Jim Crow-style" legislation like Kansas' in at least nine other states—legislation that would make it permanently legal to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Jesus, America, you can be such a dick sometimes.

A Gay Man and Woman Discuss "the Best Sex I've Ever Seen on Screen"

Rich Juzwiak · 10/27/13 10:02AM

Since its debut earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, Abdellatif Kechiche's eventual Palm d'or-winning Blue Is the Warmest Color has been one of the most discussed movies of the year. The three-hour French-language film features about 10 minutes of explicit lesbian sex over three scenes (including one that stretches on for almost seven minutes). Blue's sex caused it to be banned in Idaho, as well as unrest among its lead actresses, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux. (Seydoux told New York magazine that she was asked to do things in the movie that made her feel "like a prostitute.")