My Failed Attempt to Become a Lesbian

Ali Waller · 07/14/12 10:00AM

It was inevitable that at some point, I would attempt to dive a muff. It happened when I was 25. After a series of romantic flops, I was frustrated with boys so I decided to switch over to ladies. Because that's how sexuality works: you choose one when another becomes slightly inconvenient.

Who Is The Sapphic Señorita?

Richard Lawson · 04/24/08 09:38AM

Stylists are so lucky! They don't actually have jobs, yet they make lots and lots of money and get to hang with celebrities and sometimes have lesbionic relations with them. For example, Gatecrasher hints today: "Which gorgeous Latina actress is said to have a Sapphic relationship with her hair stylist?" Could it be Salma Hayek? Eva Mendes? The lady from My Name Is Earl? Perhaps. All good possibilities. But really, I think, there is only one clear answer to this riddle. And it lies after the jump.