Anne Hathaway Says her Performance in Les Misérables was "Eh"

MTanzer · 12/30/12 03:33PM

Les Misérables has already made off with $67 million at the box office since debuting on Christmas day, but a lot of people have found the sweeping musical largely problematic. Many are quick to criticize the performance of Russell Crowe. He can't really sing that well after all and some really judgmental critics feel that he ruined the whole movie.

I Dreamed a Nightmare: The Banal Schmaltz of Les Misérables

Rich Juzwiak · 12/21/12 04:23PM

The new movie version of Les Misérables is a nonsensical, emotional vampire of a movie. It sucks and sucks and never stops sucking. I knew I was supposed to feel something in this ever-welling sea of emotion, but I didn't know exactly what and I most certainly did not feel a thing. Well, that's not entirely true — I did feel isolated, like I was from a different planet than the people who were moved to repeatedly applaud for actors that couldn't hear them (at a screening full of critics, no less!), and audibly weep at turns so evidently constructed to make them do so that a giant lit up "CRY NOW" sign in the theater would have been redundant.

'It's Wolverine Versus Gladiator': Insane Clown Posse Discuss the Les Misérables Trailer

Taylor Berman · 12/20/12 12:37AM

What better way to celebrate the upcoming release of Les Misérables than by watching acclaimed FBI-suing horrorcore duo Insane Clown Posse dissect the film's trailer. Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J discuss the film's origins ("If you remember back in the day, all these Broadway plays and shit, dawg. It's a take off on that."), its stars ("Look, fucking Wolverine is in it.") and an elephant's ass ("Whoa, is that an elephant's ass?"). At the clip's end, Violent J summed up the duo's take.

Anne Hathaway Shows Her Vagina to Distract from Her Hideous Outfit

Rich Juzwiak · 12/11/12 12:50PM

Anne Hathaway went retro to last night's New York premiere of Les Misérables — her bush-free flash to paps as she stepped out of her car was so five years ago. It's also really awkward. Anne Hathaway has built a squeaky clean career out of being mad unassuming about her genitalia. We always knew it was there, but we don't know how it was there, except now we do. Um...

Anne Hathaway to Die in Paris

Richard Lawson · 10/18/11 04:30PM

Not really, she's just going to be in a movie where that happens. Also today: Judy Greer gets another chance, so does Chord Overstreet, and Selena Gomez is a hot mess.

Goldie Hawn Is Back and Ready for Action

Richard Lawson · 06/16/11 05:25PM

America's one-time sweetheart is returning from a long hiatus with a sexy new project. Also today: Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin hook up under strange circumstances, Aaron Sorkin adds more actors to his news team, and the potential return of Dave Chappelle.