Live From Outside The Final MisShapes Party Ever

Emily Gould · 09/10/07 10:20AM

A burly bouncer, a middle-aged club-owner type and junior MisShape Leotard Fantastic himself all tried to prevent vidboy Alex Goldberg and Emily from documenting the enormously important event that was The Final MisShapes Ever Of All Time. Leotard Fantastic was such a little bitch about it too. We'd think that if you started a party basically as a marketing device for a brand, you'd eventually realize that attempting to control the way that brand is documented is a) ultimately futile and b) ultimately not particularly beneficial to you, but maybe that's something you learn when you go to college instead of spending the college years picking out your costumes and planning which songs you're going to "DJ" off your iPod. Still, this video is the only way our children's children will be able to know what MisShapes was like. Well, that and the book, the inevitable documentary, and the ads for Jansport backpacks.