The King of Tech Talk Showed Everyone a (His?) Naked Dick

Sam Biddle · 05/27/15 10:47AM

For decades, gadget pundit Leo Laporte, the host of a variety of internet and TV talk shows, has served as the neighborly face of technology. And just like some actual neighbors, he has a history of accidentally exposing himself. This time, his audience was treated to a photo of a penis, spotted among a collection of personal photos.

How the Voice of Tech Leaked His Own Sex Chat

Ryan Tate · 12/23/11 11:30AM

Every month, Leo Laporte delivers technology advice to millions of people who download his podcasts and tune in to his syndicated radio show. He is, as one of his programs bills him, "The Tech Guy" whose digital savvy was recognized, near the dawn of the web, with an Emmy Award. But for all his expertise, Laporte still managed to clumsily broadcast an explicit Google chat with his lover, exposing the affair he's apparently been carrying on with his CEO.

Wild ChatRoulette Experimentation Seizes the Twitterati

Ryan Tate · 02/16/10 08:56PM

NYU kids partied with ChatRoulette; sports fans imagined hacking ChatRoulette; and a 30 Rock guest star is ready to work at Fox News. The Twitterati toyed with worlds beyond their understanding.

Unconference made unbearable by unattendees

Paul Boutin · 09/15/08 12:40PM

Friday's Bear Hug Camp, a software developer's meetup to discuss Twitter-like "microblogging" services, proved Internet commenters can prickle even the grizzliest Web 2.0 advocate. "Steve Gillmor decided to look at feedback on the Twitter and Identica services," a tipster emailed. "After reading out loud multiple comments calling him an A**hole, as well as other choice words, Gillmor commented he didn't want to do this anymore and made Leo Laporte take over, despite Leo's plea for him to stay." We waited for the video. It takes forever to watch, so here's the summary: At 11:40 into Session 3, Gillmor packs up and walks off ("OK, take care..."), leaving the event in the hands of Laporte, a TV host turned videoblogger, but he returns at 1:22:15 to take over an API whiteboarding session. You can check out any time you like, Steve, but you can never leave.

Calacanis, Scoble, Arrington pawns in FriendFeed's smart marketing campaign

Nicholas Carlson · 07/07/08 12:00PM

Egobloggers Jason Calacanis, Robert Scoble as well as startup PR clearinghouse Michael Arrington all want to know: How amazing is it that after two years of using Twitter, they've each already got nearly half as many "followers" on FriendFeed after just a few months? Asking the question, each offer hypothetical answers involving the social-network aggregator's ease of use — "The comment systems is so fast and easy that it's perfect," says Calacanis — or Twitter's frequent outages — "Twitter downtime plays a big part," writes Arrington. But here's the real answer to the amazing growth these bloggers have seen on FriendFeed:

Leo LaPorte, "drunk and out of control," calls for Kevin Rose boycott

Owen Thomas · 05/19/08 06:20PM

Why is tech podcaster Leo LaPorte picking a fight with Digg's Kevin Rose? He's jealous of Rose's Twitter following, and is making it a requirement that his Twit.tv listeners drop Rose and add him on Twitter to be eligible for a giveaway. LaPorte later regretted the call for a Rose ban, saying he was "drunk and out of control." Isn't that a prerequisite for listening to a podcast, let alone producing one?

Pirates of Silicon Valley II: Our Candidates for the Cast

Nick Douglas · 01/30/07 04:29PM

NICK DOUGLAS — While dust gathers on our old VHS copies of Pirates of Silicon Valley (for us, Noah Wyle's career hit its high point with his role as Steve Jobs), it's time to cast the sequel. Starring the Daily Show's Demetri Martin as Digg founder Kevin Rose, Jason Bateman as Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht and Rush Limbaugh as John C. Dvorak, the show also includes stars playing Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Merlin Mann, and Google's Marissa Mayer.

TWiT Time: Ready, Clench!

Nick Douglas · 10/11/06 01:32PM

Gottfried the Intern wraps up another episode of Leo Laporte's online talk show, This Week in Tech.

TWiT Time: Live At Podcast NetCast Expo '06

Nick Douglas · 10/02/06 08:06PM

The latest episode of This Week in Tech, Netcast Expo, in a nutshell: The Second Annual Podcast Expo was attended by 2500 people, featured lots of booze, innovative audio hardware and software, podcasters (who, Leo claims, prefer to be known as netcasters) pimping their wares while talking the token "grassroots community" line, and techies with an affinity for trash talking Apple and Microsoft. Web 1.0 is SO 90s.

Podcast roundup: Stick with TWiT

ndouglas · 03/22/06 09:10PM

Another week of tech podcasts churned through the official Valleywag iPod. The verdict: suffer through a Laporte-less This Week in Tech and you can skip the rest.

Tech podcasts that aren't boring

ndouglas · 02/06/06 09:11PM

Another Gillmor Gang podcast, another hour and a half of white guys saying "um." If your ears aren't bleeding within five minutes, you'll at least want to walk in and SHAKE these guys when they get distracted and start talking about Darwinism. Blogger (and Tinfinger CEO) Paul Montgomery says just what we're all thinking: cut it down! And Steve, shut up!

Podcast roundup: TWiT on top

ndouglas · 02/01/06 03:29PM

Geeks don't listen to the radio. They pop podcasts onto their ipods for the morning commute. So the best Silicon Valley news naturally comes on mp3, not FM. Here's a rundown of three of this week's tech podcasts, all hosted by alpha-geeks from the Bay Area.