Wundersocks: The Calf-Enhancing Sock for Skinny Lederhosen Wearers

Maureen O'Connor · 09/21/11 05:08PM

Celebrating Oktoberfest? Ashamed of your scrawny calves? Meet Wundersock, the patented rubber foam insert for knee-sock-wearing for men. Lederhosen store owner Herbert Lipah invented the "wonderbra for men." He exports Wundersock supplies to Scotland and Namibia. (Apparently Namibians are really into Oktoberfest. Something about colonialism.) Lipah says his store's wares are very popular with "gays, tourists."

Vampire Bat Rabies Is Here

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/11 04:17PM

Vampire bats! Healthcare law! Medical tattoo! Stroke depression! Backward legs! Spice fat! Organic poultry Deer coli! And rampant death in Somalia is sad, for a second! It's your Friday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while sucking!

Backwards Leg Allows Kid to Keep Playing Baseball

Max Read · 05/21/11 01:56PM

Ten-year-old Dugan Smith was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer in his thigh bone, leaving him with a softball-sized tumor. Usually, similar patients have their legs partially amputated and are given cadaver or prosthetic thigh bones. But Dugan wanted to keep playing baseball.

Julie Bowen's Legs Flirt With Michael Cera on Conan

Whitney Jefferson · 11/12/10 01:00PM

We were introduced to more of Julie Bowen than we were expecting last night: her legs, the time she hit on Michael Cera when he was 14, her legs, her wacky personality, her legs, and did we mention her legs?