Legos Are So Fucking Popular

Hamilton Nolan · 12/19/12 10:07AM

Are you aware that the toy industry is in a slump right now? Indeed, there is "softness" in the toy market across the entire world. Some parent you are. Rest easy, though. Motherfuckers are still buying so many fucking Legos.

Amazing LEGO Great Ball Contraption Breaks World Record

Junior Mendez · 03/18/11 11:25AM

Seven LEGO enthusiasts set out to create the world's largest Great Ball Contraption and broke a record while doing so. In all, they used 93 modules to build this impressive gadget. All my boyhood dreams realized in thirteen minutes.

What a World of Legos and Heavy Metal Would Look Like

Lisa Gagliardi · 02/04/11 12:30PM

Making a stop motion video out of Legos is just impressive but you normally think of them as 'cute' or 'cool'. What ever happened to 'brutal' stop motion videos made out of Legos? Well, here it is.

Ancient Greek Computer Remade with Legos

Richard Blakeley · 12/09/10 02:56PM

The Antikythera is an ancient mechanical computer designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was found in a wreck in 1900 and it's complexity and significance were not understood until decades later. Now it's been remade with Legos.

Phenomenal Matrix Stop-Motion Animation Using Legos

Mike Byhoff · 11/25/09 02:33PM

This beautiful Lego stop animation is a recreation of the famous Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix. It took 440 hours of work and it was made just in time for the 10th anniversary of the original movie release.