Legos Are So Fucking Popular

Hamilton Nolan · 12/19/12 10:07AM

Are you aware that the toy industry is in a slump right now? Indeed, there is "softness" in the toy market across the entire world. Some parent you are. Rest easy, though. Motherfuckers are still buying so many fucking Legos.

Legos Make Love in Animated Video

Junior Mendez · 03/27/11 12:30PM

This very creative animated video by Studio Shelter uses Legos to tell its quirky story. Colorful blocks gettin' it on? Anything is possible. When in doubt—throw in a little Star Wars, too.

Legos Put In Real World Perspective

Annie Fleming · 10/23/10 11:15AM

In this creative video, Legos are part of the real world thanks to forced perspective. Lego benches in city parks! Lego umbrellas in the hands of passerby! It's true - with Legos you can build anything. Video after the jump.

Factory Made of LEGOs® Builds LEGO® Cars

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/07/10 09:13AM

A German technical high school's robotics club created this auto factory out of LEGOs® to produce LEGO® cars in a miniaturized assembly line. Not only an amazing class project, but also the next step in Smart Car-style shrinkage.

Lego Sequencer Creates Crazy 8-Bit Beats

Frank Cozzarelli · 03/10/10 05:49PM

Japanese artist/designer Yoshi Akai has engineered a sequencer that uses Legos to manipulate sound! The Lego Sequencer MRII is a 3-channel, 8-step sequencer that creates beats that wouldn't be out of place on a Crystal Castles record.

Stop-motion Lego Lightsaber Fight

Michael Jordan · 03/02/10 06:02PM

Like peanut butter and jelly, legos and lightsabers just go together. So it's no surprise that this stop-motion lego lightsaber fight is the coolest thing you'll see all day.

Man Lives in House Made Entirely of Legos

Whitney Jefferson · 12/23/09 01:27PM

A man built a Lego house that's cold, leaking, and not-so-functional. He bathes in a lego shower and uses legos to scrub himself "clean." All for the sake of making history? Sure, that's not weird at all!