Conan O'Brien Can Prance Around in Jeggings If He Wants To

Whitney Jefferson · 12/03/10 11:36AM

Previously, Conan declared he'd wear "jeggings" (a jean-legging hybrid mainly worn by ladies) on-air. Last night, he proclaimed "if I say I'm gonna do something, I do it!" and proceeded to deliver his monologue while wearing stone-washed colored ladies tights.

A New Line for Mischa, Desperate Days for Retail

cityfile · 12/22/08 04:20PM

• In what will probably come as soul-crushing news to Arden Wohl, Mischa Barton is launching a line of headbands with Stacey Lapidus. [WWD]
• How do you rope in shoppers during a recession? Staying open 24 hours a day is one popular approach. [WSJ]
• More bad news for retail: As if the recession wasn't painful enough, snowfall during the final days of the season is expected to make things worse. [WSJ]
• Just in case you missed the news, leggings are back. [LAT]
Tim Gunn has sent out "videotaped personal pleas" to Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan to urge them to stop using rabbit fur from China. [P6]
Betsey Johnson is not, in fact, planning a diffusion line. [NYM]
• Sorry, folks: Burger King's meat-scented body spray, is sold out. [Racked]

I Can't Believe They're Out Of Smokes & Leggings

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/08/08 12:20PM

A dejected Lindsay Lohan moped around after a less than stellar shopping trip in Los Angeles. Lohan accompanied long time companion Samantha Ronson on the trip to celebrate the Queen Of The Fedoras' 31st birthday. Lohan wanted to end the birthday trip as soon as she discovered that the shopping center contained no stores that sold Lohan's life fuel: cigarettes and leggings. Using her "But, It's My Birthday" trump card, Ronson continued to shop as Lohan sulked along.

Thursgay Styles Translator: "Cutting-Edge" = "Cameltoe"

Emily Gould · 11/02/06 08:50AM

Turns out we're not the only ones who've finally shaken off the shackles of pants-wearing. And while you might be thinking, "leggings, yes, I own them, I've had them since last year when they first became popular. I bought them at American Apparel like everyone else and their (literal, unfortunately) Mom," the Styles mavens have news for you: if you wear them sans crotch-concealing over layer, they'll be magically transformed. Indeed! Leggings worn solo are not just stretch pants, they're a fucking revolution, a "courageous experiment," according to Saks creative director Michael Fink. So whip off that miniskirt and let the world see the vague outline of your special place. According to the paper of record, it's a "racy form of minimalism" that "represents the cutting edge."
And if you have an extra millionth of an ounce of body fat, it's not going to make you look like Peg Bundy, like, at all.