Canada to Legalize It

Hamilton Nolan · 04/20/16 04:20PM

Chilly but civilized American neighbor Canada announced today that it plans to legalize weed by this time next year.

Legalize Drugs

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/14 02:00PM

We are in the midst of a weeklong editorial extravaganza in which the New York Times expounds at length on why marijuana should be legalized. What they present as a giant leap is really a baby step. All illegal drugs should be legalized and regulated.

Legalize Weed Already

Hamilton Nolan · 01/28/14 11:40AM

The latest poll numbers, from NBC and the Wall Street Journal, are in: 55% of Americans say "they favor allowing regulated businesses to sell marijuana." What's the holdup?

A Side Benefit of Legal Weed Is the Cops Go Broke

Hamilton Nolan · 01/10/14 01:56PM

The primary benefits of legalizing weed are the end of the horribly racist and unjustifiable imprisonment of thousands of nonviolent Americans, and awkward columns from old white columnists. A good secondary benefit, though: it costs the police money.

While We're At It, Let's Free All Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/11 09:39AM

Attorney general Eric Holder has come out in favor of reduced sentences for thousands of people currently imprisoned on nonviolent crack cocaine convictions. (A recent law corrected the insane sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine; Holder is simply recommending that the new sentencing guidelines be applied to some people already in jail.) That's a great first step. Then can we let out all the other drug war victims, too?

'Wal-Mart of Weed' Opens in Arizona

Jeff Neumann · 06/02/11 04:20AM

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona's first weGrow franchise — a "superstore-sized garden center" that sells everything you need to grow weed — opened for business in Phoenix. And it sounds great. Besides being a one-stop shop for all of your growing needs, there are doctors on hand to help diagnose those "back spasms" you're dealing with:

Vermont Candidate is Way Too Excited for Marijuana Legalization

Christopher Han · 10/27/10 09:27AM

here's a pretend phone call inside this video. She says "ring ring ring." Cris Erikson is running for Senate in Vermont as part of the United States Marijuana Party, and she has no chance, but she's here for our amusement!