Don't You Ladies Worry About Nothing, Sal Strazzullo Is Here

Hamilton Nolan · 01/20/10 12:24PM

A porn star and a stripper are trying to beat prostitution charges on a grammatical technicality after prosecutors put "and" in a document where they should have put "or." Luckily for the women, they have a lawyer who—solely on the basis of the following quote—we picture (correctly, it turns out) to be a hilariously stereotypical sleazoid attorney:

When Journos Think They're Celebs, They Hire Marty Singer

Choire · 08/16/07 08:50AM

You know how to tell when you've been working in celebrity journalism too long? When your first impulse after getting fired is to run and hire Marty Singer as your counsel—and today's Page Six suggests that fired TMZ TV producer Bryn Friedman is talking to good old Marty about her potential employment litigation.