Jon Voight's Teeth Move Into the Red-Carpet Catering Business

STV · 05/30/08 03:15PM

Either Jon Voight dined alone before attending this week's Dirty Harry DVD re-release event, or his date hates him. We can think of no other explanation for the unfortunate tooth-bound leftovers caught by paparazzi outside the theater, whose reckless pursuit of tabloid infamy has nothing on the ever-elusive "Incisor Salad" shot — a celebrity catch ranking somewhere between "drunken mug shot" and "B-list baby" (e.g. spawn of Alba, Richards, Richie, etc.). We salute the classy shutterbug who nabbed the close-up you'll find after the jump; moreover, besides the live plant jutting from his grill, we have got admit Voight is looking terrific these days.