'Pushing Daisies' Now Doing Just That In The Ratings

Kyle Buchanan · 10/02/08 01:00PM

Though it premiered last year to huge numbers, the whimsical dramedy Pushing Daisies may soon need its hero's touch of life, if last night's ratings are any indication. The second season premiere of Daisies fell a whopping 55% from its year-ago totals, the biggest drop on a night of mostly bad returns for ABC (Private Practice fell 38%, and the troubled, endlessly tinkered-with Dirty Sexy Money fell 31%). Might ABC be rethinking it decision to hold all three shows until the fall after last year's writers strike interrupted their freshman seasons? And if a shirtless Lee Pace (above, having bees poured on him) can't resuscitate Daisies, can anything? [THR]

EW's Most 'Dateable' Small-Screen Players Make Us Swoon And Squirm

Molly Friedman · 03/04/08 12:48PM

Every TV nut (well, isn't that all of us here?) has, at one point or another, spent a little time fantasizing about certain fictional characters on their favorite shows. These fantasies tend to be either soft-focus daydreams (say, dreaming up elaborate schemes in which they "bump" into you at a party) or something a bit more hard-core (picturing them while giving your significant other the old in-out). On that note, the clever list-makers over at EW decided to compile a Top 30 reader's choice collection of the small-screen boys and girls who most frequently make cameos in those illicit fantasies. But, with no offense to the site's readers, we have some serious vetoes to charge. After the jump, our picks for who falls under Strongly Agree (the predictable Jim Halpert) and those we brand as a Vehemently Disagree (four words: Bree. Van. De. Camp), as well as the most erroneous, mind-boggling oversight missing from the group: