Jamie Lee Curtis Inadvertently Provides Terrorists A Blueprint For Destablizing L.A.

mark · 07/09/07 03:42PM

Actress/children's book author/celebrity blogger Jamie Lee Curtis, who last week so memorably shared her feelings about how reality TV cooking competitions are surely a precursor to unscripted shows ending in televised executions, today returns to HuffPo to explain the psychological defense mechanism that allowed her to temporarily overcome a crippling fear of terrorism on a recent trip to England:

Google's new China plan: stop competing

wagger1 · 06/11/07 02:59PM

Is this the best Kai-Fu Lee can come up with? Google went to considerable trouble to hire Lee away from MIcrosoft, sparking a messy dispute over his noncompete agreement. Now, Lee is overseeing noncompete agreements of his own. "If you can't beat them, join them" seems to be the essence of its new advertising partnership with Sina, one of China's most successful Internet portals. Sounds good, until you remember that Google tried this before: In 2004, it took a minority stake in Baidu, a search engine that's now beating Google soundly in the China market.