Morning Joe Can't Take the Palins Seriously

Chris Dignes · 08/10/10 01:40PM

Shakespalin dared to stand up to a critic today and met questions about her time as mayor with "protecting the Constitution." In similarly laughable news, Levi has announced a Wasilla mayorship bid.

Decrepit UPI

Nick Denton · 02/06/08 04:32PM

Remember that exciting report that the rock titans of Led Zeppelin were to headline at this year's Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee? Of course, it was just a slip-up by one of those sloppy British reporters: the scheduled act is actually Lez Zeppelin, a maybe-lesbian tribute band. Unfortunately, UPI, the supposedly to-the-minute wire service which trumpets 100 years of journalistic excellence, still doesn't realize. UPI just excitedly put out the news, bogus, and 24 hours late. Will somebody please put this news service, once-reputable, now decrepit, out of its misery? (Click thumb for the screenshot)

Tim Faulkner · 10/15/07 09:44AM

Led Zeppelin is no longer "dazed and confused" by the MP3 world. It's capitalizing on a monumental one-night-only reunion by, at long last embracing song downloads — but through Verizon Wireless, not Apple's iTunes. Take it as another sign of the rising unease with Apple's dominance of digital music. The cell-phone carrier will sell full song downloads and ringtones of popular hits. The entire Zeppelin catalog and other partnerships will follow. [NYT]