Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/30/09 07:01AM

Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer share more than a studio at Rockefeller Center—they're both celebrating their birthdays today, too. (She's turning 56; he's 52.) Embattled nightlife entrepreneur Amy Sacco is 42. Fox News' Sean Hannity is turning 48. LeBron James is 25. Allen Grubman, the mega entertainment lawyer and father of Lizzie, turns 67 today. Patti Smith is 63. Comedian Tracey Ullman is 50. WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer is turning 61. Movie director Bennett Miller is 43. Norman Goodman, the city's county clerk and the man responsible for sending you those jury summonses on a regular basis, is 86. Actress Eliza Dushku is turning 29. R&B singer Tyrese is 31. Former madam Heidi Fleiss is turning 44. And a golfer by the name of Tiger Woods is celebrating his 34th birthday today.

The Kardashian Family Are America's New Economic Crisis

Foster Kamer · 09/27/09 10:53AM

The Kardashians are richer than they should be. Michael Douglas: trying to protect his kids from cocaine. Tori Spelling's husband's ex-wife doesn't suck. A celebrity was an asshole. Courtney Love and Hugo Chavez: hooking up? Sunday Morning's Gossip Roundup:

Sun Valley 2009: Biking and a Bit of Dealmaking

cityfile · 07/07/09 08:48AM

It's that time of year again, time for the Allen & Co's annual media industry confab in Sun Valley, Idaho. Occasionally described as a "summer camp for billionaires," the Herb Allen-hosted event is expected to atrract more than 250 media chiefs, tech moguls, financiers, Hollywood agents, and politicians, as well as the odd sports star or two. (LeBron James will be putting in an appearance this year.) Mostly, however, it will be populated by the sort of people who make it a point to show up every year, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Barry Diller, Sumner Redstone, and Rupert Murdoch, all of whom will undoubtedly be photographed over the coming days taking part in one of the many leisure activities arranged for attendees, like rafting, yoga, chess, bridge (a particular fave of Buffett and Gates), and biking (see Diller, left).


cityfile · 06/18/09 08:09AM

Courtney Love sitting on a stoop with a friend in the West Village ... Usher arriving at JFK ... Whitney Port hanging out with a friend in SoHo ... LeBron James walking around in Harlem ... Lindsay Lohan heading into Blue & Cream on Bowery ... Donald Sutherland carrying luggage outside the London NYC in Midtown ... Diane Sawyer walking in Times Square ... Queen Latifah getting in a limo ... Rihanna going to dinner at Scalinatella on East 61st Street ... Alessandra Ambrosio carrying daughter Anja Louise in the Village ... Tracy Morgan sitting down on the set of A Couple of Cops in Brooklyn ... Ashley Tisdale grabbing coffee with boyfriend Scott Speer ... Melissa Joan Hart walking in Midtown ... Michelle Pfeiffer getting out of an SUV outside ABC Studios ... George Lopez leaving his hotel in Midtown ... Robert Pattinson filming scenes for his new movie, Remember Me, in Greenwich Village ... and Heidi Klum leaving Bar Pitti.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/30/08 07:15AM

Nightlife vet Amy Sacco turns 41 today. Strangely, Today show co-anchors Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer happen to share the same birthday, too: Meredith is turning 55, while Matt is 51. Fox News' Sean Hannity is 47. Entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman (and the husband of Deborah and father of Lizzie) is 66. Tiger Woods is turning 33. Film director Bennett Miller is 42. Patti Smith is turning 62. WCBS political reporter Marcia Kramer is 60. Actress Eliza Dushku is 28. R&B singer Tyrese is 30. Comedian Tracey Ullman is 49. LeBron James is 24. Laila Ali is 31. Heidi Fleiss is turning 43. And New York County Clerk Norman Goodman—the man responsible for all those jury duty summonses—is 85.

LeBron Who?

STV · 11/25/08 12:47PM

· Lionsgate will distribute More Than a Game, the documentary about LeBron James's high-school years that will be cross-promoted by Nike, Coca-Cola, State Farm and other brands in a much-needed boost for the otherwise underexposed NBA superstar. [Variety] · Fed up with the "barren" film landscape in the US, Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader is taking his career-defining transgressions to the world's one remaining bastion of angst, fear, profanity and sex: Bollywood. [THR] After the jump: What legendary newslady will spend today in Chicago scarfing up sloppy Obama seconds?· Barbara Walters will follow 60 Minutes' blockbuster lead for ABC, interviewing Barack and Michelle Obama for a one-hour ABC News special airing Wednesay at 10 p.m. [THR] · His gawky, browbeaten work here is done: Fox News's resident liberal punching bag Alan Colmes is departing Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year. [Variety] · Producer-director Barry Sonnenfeld is attached to develop the book Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30 as a series for CBS. [THR] · Donations are now being accepted for the food drive "Feed the Need," a Jamie Foxx-endorsed tie-in with his movie The Soloist. In keeping with the themes of the film, however, donors are kindly asked to supply meals that will keep for at least six months in storage without spoiling. [Variety]


cityfile · 09/11/08 11:03AM

Anne Hathaway walking with a mystery man downtown ... Jessica Alba shopping for clothes with baby Honor in SoHo ... Rachel Zoe and her assistant Brad arriving at Bryant Park ... Julianne Moore about to cross the street in the Village ... Jennifer Lopez going to lunch at Nello wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown ... Alicia Keys solo and chatting on her cell ... Julia Roberts waving to the paparazzi during a walk downtown ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking with her son James Wilke ... Katie Holmes wearing baggy jeans and carrying a bag ... Barack Obama and Lebron James showing up at the set of the Letterman show ... Lauren Conrad making an appearance at Bloomingdale's to promote her clothing line ... Diane Kruger walking her bike on the sidewalk in front of Anthropologie ... Michelle Trachtenberg and a male friend dressed up and walking in the middle of the street in SoHo ... model May Andersen and friends heading to Bar Pitti ... and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel heading to Southern Hospitality for a late night dinner.

Today in Toronto Hell: Anne Hathaway's Shoes, Michael Cera's Backpack, Guy Ritchie's Vision

STV · 09/08/08 07:15PM

The Toronto Film Festival is right about at its midway point — an essential milestone from which to take stock of noteworthy developments and drama that we couldn't help but watch smolder from Defamer HQ. And while some of our principal plotlines either have yet to unwind (Paris and her doc show up tomorrow) or were resolved to our satisfaction (The Wrestler wins the fest's distribution sweepstakes), there remains a bundle of loose ends requiring maintenance and attention from a distance. That's Canada for you! · A National Post writer went to the party for Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, where Michael Cera bumped around wearing his backpack and Kat Dennings, ahem, "gave off the unpretentious dewiness that is a visa of sorts to the country of bigger fame for starlets-on-the-climb." And if that fails, there's always Robert Rodriguez's hot tub.· Tired of his besties at Warner Bros., Patrick Goldstein upgraded in Toronto with newfound documentary sensation LeBron James. The NBA star is featured in Hoop Dreams-ish coming-of-age saga More Than a Game, which tracks five kids — including James (it was only six years ago!) — from their "decrepit inner-city gym" to their contention for a national high school basketball championship. It apparently made James cry and made producer/music mogul Jimmy Iovine call Goldstein, who pimps it lovingly, noting that Lionsgate might be at the front of the line to pick it up. · At last night's Sony Pictures Classics dinner, Anne Hathaway's shoes deflected attention from Charlie Kaufman's public awkwardness. That was nice of them! · Which reminds us: Celebrities! Starlets! Ptooey! Canada for the Canadians! [Via David Poland] · Does anyone up there has a spare camera he or she can lend to Jeffrey Wells? "Three young apes" stole hisand his iPhone. And he missed The Wrestler. At least buy the guy a drink or something if you see him. · Jesus — first The Wrestler, now Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Todd McCarthy is turning into Harry Knowles. · Tasting a hint of assent from critics and the public alike, Guy Ritchie OD'd on confidence and announced an entire Rocknrolla franchise. Last we heard, Joel Silver was still shopping the first one.

The 4 worst athlete-backed startups of all time

Nicholas Carlson · 08/05/08 03:00PM

Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter and LeBron James today announced they've joined an $8.6 million funding round for social network Weplay. Weplay isn't going to work out — vertical social networks are so 2007 — but at least the sports-star troika can take heart in knowing they're following the same path as other fading jock stars. A bubble ago, John Elway, Michael Jordan, and Mike Piazza also let slick schemers take advantage of their egos and cash, funneling them into ill-thought-out, poorly timed investments on the Web. Our three favorite athlete-startup bloopers, below.

Weak Sales For Controversial Vogue

Ryan Tate · 07/08/08 05:41AM

Remember how Vogue had everyone in a tizzy this spring over its covers? First there was the LeBron James/King Kong cover in April, then the horrific Photoshop job on Gwyneth Paltrow in May. For all the damage the disastrous fronts did to the fashion title and its editor Anna Wintour, one would have at least hoped for a slight circulation bump from all the publicity. Not so: Newsstand sales of the LeBron James issue were off 100,000 copies year-over-year to 350,000 while the Paltrow issue sold 45,000 fewer copies. Sad. [WWD]

Vogue Brings Black Models To Otherwise-Occupied Readers

Hamilton Nolan · 07/07/08 01:45PM

The feel-good issue of Italian Vogue featuring all black models in honor of Obama is about to hit the newsstands, washing away the last remnants of racial strife in the world. But some people are asking: why do they have to do the all-black issue during the slowest time of the year for magazines? Why not put it out in the busy season and really make a statement? We hate to even suggest it, but could it have something to do with... money?

Hollywood's New China Rule

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/08 09:24AM

Sharon Stone has finally apologized for her "inappropriate" comment that the recent massive Chinese earthquake was a product of "bad karma" for the country for its treatment on Tibet. She's sorry, okay! Nevertheless, fashion house Christian Dior announced that it's pulling all of its ads featuring the actress from all department stores, and the entire country of China. Though the comment itself was stupid, Stone's hasty retreat from her brash Tibet-championing—and Dior's even harsher public rebuke of her—are a great illustration of what is becoming the New China Rule: "Do Not Talk About The New China Rule." It's been de rigeur for top stars to prove their class by endorsing luxury brands, and to prove their morality by pontificating about Tibet. But guess what: pretty soon you're going to have to pick one or the other, Hollywood. And it's not looking good for the Dalai Lama.

Black People Smile Like This

Rebecca · 03/27/08 11:15AM

When Vogue put LeBron James on the cover it was innovative: a black man on the cover of a magazine aimed at rich, white women? Anna Wintour's still got it. But now, the fallout. Didn't LeBron James sort of look like King-Kong? And why does that pretty white girl looked so scared? Oh no, racial stereotypes being reinforced on the cover of Vogue, a place normally dedicated to reinforcing an unattainable ideal of beauty. And it gets worse: James's mouth was agape, just like Jennifer Hudson's was on the March cover. Controversy!

Robert Downey Jr. Bringing Back Blackface

Ryan Tate · 03/06/08 05:52AM
  • Actor Robert Downey Jr. is about to be in blackface in a movie, but it's totally OK because it's so meta: Downey will not wear blackface to pretend to be black; he will wear blackface to pretend to be a white actor pretending to be black. Totally different. [Film School Rejects via Digg]