Guardian Staffers Successfully Test the Internet

interngreg · 01/19/08 11:55AM

The long-predicted but slow-arriving death of print media seems to be moving at faster clip of late. Yearning to break free of their dying medium, the UK's Guardian Media Group has hired an exec whose job it is to get everyone using the intertubes like their kids do. Yesterday, in a workshop, a group of Guardian executives all learned Flickr and the YouTube and even wrote some blogs and things. The session was webcast to show to other Guardian people that nobody died or even got hurt. High fives, guys! We knew you had it in you. [Buzz Machine]

War Reporter Couple Wonder What They Were Thinking

interngreg · 01/19/08 09:47AM

After convincing his wife and fellow journalist to join him in Baghdad to cover the war, Times writer Damien Cave discovered that theirs was not the ideal situation in which to work out relationship issues. Theirs is a story of two communicators, a writer and a videographer, learning to communicate with each other during wartime. The troubles seems to be these: Mr. Cave was acting like a husband, Mrs. Cave was acting like a wife, while they were both trying to be act professionally while soldiers, friends and assorted other people were constantly being blown up all around them. Cave has found his closure in the pages of the Times style section and also the makings of a topical, romantically-charged dramedy starring, obviously, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. [New York Times]