Brendan O'Connor · 11/11/15 11:00PM

The US Navy has chosen Facebook COO and corporate feminism brand ambassador Sheryl Sandberg to christen its newest attack submarine, the Virginia-class USS Massachusetts. “According to navy lore, sponsors are said to imbue a ship with their personalities,” the Associated Press reports. Lean in, sailor!

'There's a Special Place in Hell for You,' Sandberg Publicist Messages to Harsh Lean In Reviewer

Max Read · 03/27/13 04:22PM

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book, Lean In—a kind of workplace feminism manifesto—has inspired a range of reactions from critics. Some were positive; some less so. But none was as negative as the response Sandberg spokeswoman and former Facebook flack Brandee Barker had for Katherine Losse, an erstwhile Zuckerberg speechwriter whose rigorously critical take on Sandberg's book was published in Dissent this week: