TV Star's Missing Person Claim Against Scientology Ruled "Unfounded"

Maggie Lange · 08/09/13 07:42AM

Leah Remini, the King of Queens star who noisily and publicly left Scientology after three decades of membership over disagreements with church leader David Miscavige, filed a missing person report for his wife Shelly who supposedly hasn't been seen in public in six years. The LAPD has taken the report and "ruled as unfounded." The missing person case is closed.

Watch The Talk Hosts Dance on a Table

Whitney Jefferson · 01/03/11 02:30PM

The View is still in re-runs, so we decided to watch its less-successful doppelganger, The Talk, instead. For reasons unknown, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete physically act out what they did for New Year's on top of a table.

Leah Remini is a Boob-Grabbing Machine on The Talk

Whitney Jefferson · 11/17/10 02:38PM

The Talk hosts were in the middle of a heated discussion about young girls wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets that say "I love boobies." What happened next can only be described as a truly "WTF" moment in daytime TV.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/15/09 06:23AM

Tory Burch turns 43 today. Former governor Mario Cuomo is turning 77. Helen Hunt is 46. Neil Patrick Harris is turning 36. Courteney Cox is 45. Fashion designer Douglas Hannant is turning 47. PR agency chief Richard Edelman turns 55. Socialite Bettina Zilkha is turning 50. Gallerist Marian Goodman is 81. Former Yankee Andy Pettitte is turning 37. Hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam turns 52. Ice Cube is is 40. Leah Remini is turning 39. Porn star Mary Carey is 29. And Project Runway Season 2 winner Chloe Dao turns 37 today.

Eldersex Is Comedy Gold

Richard Lawson · 04/08/09 10:15AM

Today little men take on big roles, J.Lo finds her vampiric costar, Gore Vebinski takes a breather for himself, Leah Remini glows like moondust, and old people get it on in hilarious fashion.

J. Lo Hesitant To Add 'Scientologist' To Her Multi-Hyphenate Resume

Kyle Buchanan · 10/07/08 11:59AM

In the "special skills" area on the back of her headshot, renaissance woman Jennifer Lopez is able to list so very many things: whispery acting, AutoTune proficiency, early 1990s dance mastery... the list goes on and on. Still, there is one useful Hollywood skill that La Lopez has always been cagey about showing off, and it's her intimate familiarity with Scientology. Though her dad has been a Scientologist for over twenty years and Lopez pals around with famous L. Ron disciples like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Leah Remini, she tells the Daily Beast that she's still a free agent — though her new twins might not be so lucky:

Get Ready For 'Leah Remini: The Show'

Seth Abramovitch · 08/14/08 02:40PM

· Leah Remini is in talks to join the daytime TV circuit with a new series "not necessarily thinking along the lines of a traditional talk show." Details are tight, but rumors of a home-shopping/variety hour—in which you can call in your orders for Pea-Org Vitamin-Enriched Pureed Baby Delight™ while delighting to the musical comedy stylings of Martin Short—sound promising. [THR] · The State's Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter will star in Comedy Central's Michael and Michael Have Issues, a comedy sketch show. [THR] · Savor that LAT hard-edition. Tribune reports a...*spittake*...$4.5 billion dollar loss. [Variety] · E! has hired former New Line TV exec Beth Greenwald as their VP of original programming and series development, where she'll oversee a whole new slate of reality shows about the lives of fame-hungry hydras, including the exciting Living Jackie Stallone. [Variety] · Sid Ganis has been re-elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, ensuring you a lengthy and satisfying pee-break at this year's Oscars. [Variety]

How Do Stars Magically Make Baby Weight Disappear? Money, Insanity, And Tons Of Booze

Molly Friedman · 07/01/08 05:50PM

This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone who witnessed her seemingly hating every minute she spent pregnant, but new mom Jessica Alba has joined that elite niche of stars who lost all their baby weight at insanely rapid speeds. But the methods some celebrities have confessed to using when it comes to accelerating the path towards reclaiming their old figures don’t sound entirely sane. From suffering through cabbage soup diets to dropping $50,000 on gym equipment in an effort to slim down at paces up to 14 days after giving birth, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and others have some highly unique and scary track records. Which stars drunk themselves into wine-induced oblivion and trusted online blood tests to reach their goals, after the jump.

Are Scientology Moms Katie Holmes And Leah Remini Feeding Their Kids Toxic 'Hubbard's Formula'?

Molly Friedman · 05/08/08 02:00PM

We've become just about as well-versed as we want to when it comes to the bizarre practices of Scientologists, which run the gamut from silent birth to e-meters. But after hearing that Katie Holmes' precious little Suri is still on the baby bottle even after turning 2 years old, and that fellow Scientologist mommy Leah Remini's "sweet witty pain in the ass" 3-year old Sophia still drinks six bottles a night, we discovered some disturbing tales from other members of the cult religion who used "Hubbard's baby formula," only to wind up with "thin and colicky" toddlers that had their "baby teeth destroyed" and "screamed themselves to death." But as the defiant Remini says in this clip, "I could see her drinkig a bottle 'til she's 16." More details on Hubbard's toxic formula that was developed using methods from Ancient Rome (!!!) after the jump.

Leah Remini's Crazy Scientology Email?

Ryan Tate · 01/28/08 03:32AM

An email tipster forwards the following Scientology indoctrination message, purportedly from TV star Leah Remini. It reads, "You may know me from 'King of Queens,' but what is more important is that I am now OT V and at one point I was a very stalled Clear," and goes from there. Which is to say, it gets more fun, but also crazier and harder to decipher, so get out your Scientology decoder ring again!

Trade Round-Up: Busy Mom Leah Remini To Juggle Family, Cellphones, Cheap Shampoo

mark · 04/17/07 03:28PM

· ABC acquires the rights to a "special" described as a "real-life version of The Queen" drawn from "hundreds of hours of footage" of the monarch and royal family, or as such a project was once called, a "documentary." [Variety]
· King of Queens' Leah Remini will star in the "groundbreaking" web series In the Motherhood, the story of three mom girlfriends who struggle to find novel ways to incorporate the fine personal grooming and telecommunications products of joint sponsors Suave and Sprint into their hilarious adventures in advertainment. [THR]
· Var rounds up how the various networks reacted to yesterday's Virginia Tech massacre, including the fact that an unexpectedly sensitive Fox has yanked a new Bones episode that dealt with "human remains being uncovered on a college campus." [Variety]
· Hollywood Out of Ideas, Irene Cara Edition: MGM will sink $25 million into a remake of Fame, hoping that a generation being raised to believe that success is achieved through serial vagina-flashing and assiduous nightclub attendance can relate to an old-fashioned story about people trying to achieve recognition through actual talent and hard work. [THR]
· Dancing with the Stars: One-Legged Tango Edition and The Bachelor: Another Boring, Horny Guy Who's Never Going To Marry Any Of These Fame-Hungry Skanks lead ABC to a Monday night Nielsen win. [Variety]