Donald Trump's Putin Admiration Is Completely Within the Political Mainstream

Alex Pareene · 12/18/15 12:55PM

Donald Trump’s most important purely political skill (that is, one not directly related to his abilities as an entertainer and performer) is his ability to intuit what the great angry mass of movement conservatives wish their gutless leaders would say, and then say it. Other Republicans dogwhistle. Trump dispenses with coded language and simply says: We should deport all the illegals. We should ban all Muslim immigration. And now, on Vladimir Putin: “He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country.”

The Dossier on Rob Ford, the Crack-Smoking Mayor of Toronto

Maggie Lange · 05/17/13 12:21PM

In a matter of hours, Robert Bruce Ford has gone from being known as "Toronto's conservative mayor" to "Toronto's crack-smoking mayor." But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Before he was Rob Ford, Crack Smoker, he was Rob Ford, Canadian Football Fan. Or Rob Ford, Wildly Racist Bigot. You might even know him as Rob Ford, Wife Beater. To help us explore the Rob Ford of the past, we have compiled a compendium of Mayor Rob Ford's controversies—the scandals, the rage and outrageousness, the wit and witticisms—organized thematically below:

The Government Won't Shut Down For at Least Two More Weeks

Jim Newell · 02/28/11 12:27PM

Congress, after taking all of last week off, now finds itself with only four days left to fund the federal government before everything shuts down. And, of course, the House Republicans and Senate Democrats are nowhere near reaching a final agreement. So what's the plan? Oh, you know this: Pass a bill that stalls for another two weeks!

Jeff Zucker's End is Nigh

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/10 10:29AM

A deal's reportedly in place for incompetent NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker to leave the company "a couple of months" after Comcast closes its acquisition. Then he can become another vacuous, wealthy politician. The personification of the American Dream! [NYP]