Here Are Even More Famous People From Your Yearbooks

Leah Finnegan · 01/02/15 02:00PM

Happy New Year! Apparently a fun new year activity for many Gawker readers is uploading pictures of famous people from their yearbooks or Google Images. Therefore, we have compiled yet another compendium of all-star yearbook photos for you to peruse. Look at all these shining little faces before they made it big. Some of them look the same because they only graduated high school two years ago. Lol.

Jessica Lange Dissed Lea Michele on the Red Carpet

Rich Juzwiak · 10/07/14 10:13AM

At Sunday's American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Lea Michele's eyes lit up like a piddling puppy as Jessica Lange walked in her direction. An old friend to say hello to, and perhaps be photographed with. So fun! And then, as Lange strode by without any acknowledgement, Michele turned into sad puppy who couldn't quite express her sadness because hundreds of pictures per second were being taken of her at this public event. So that was awkward.

Kim Kardashian's Husband Ditches Ring and Moves Out

Maureen O'Connor · 10/21/11 10:55AM

Why did Kris Humphries ditch his wedding ring to carry moving boxes? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale might be in love. Dina Lohan is shopping a memoir. Kanye's Occupy Wall Street outfit was worth more than $30,000. TGIFriday gossip.

Bethenny Frankel Lost at Sea for 20 Hours

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/11 10:51AM

Bethenny drifts for 20 hours with no land in sight. Lea Michele is single. Lindsay Lohan's "shady" hotel rendezvous photographed. Entourage guy says he didn't turn Jane Lynch gay. Tuesday gossip is afraid of water.

The Cast of Glee Will Ruin Fashion's Night Out

Brian Moylan · 08/16/11 12:47PM

As if Fashion's Night Out—Anna Wintour's fake charity that encourages people to shop with celebrities, free drinks, and parties (but never discounts)—wasn't annoying enough, now the cast of Glee has been named the official spokespeople this year.

Will and Kate Fly Economy on a Budget Airline and Other Royal Horrors

Maureen O'Connor · 08/03/11 10:41AM

Prince William and Kate Middleton rub shoulders with normals. Katie Holmes barks like a dog. Samantha Ronson's mugshot is everything you hoped for. Paris Hilton and Brittny Gastineau have a party-off. Wednesday gossip keeps its toiletries in 3-oz. containers.

Glee to Lose Three Major Stars After Season Three

Brian Moylan · 07/14/11 12:03PM

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glee's over-extended head gay Ryan Murphy says that Finn, Rachel, Babygay Kurt, "and others" will graduate at the end of season three, meaning stars Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Chris Colfer are getting the heave-ho.

Schwarzenegger's Alleged Mistress Count Continues to Rise

Maureen O'Connor · 05/20/11 11:05AM

Arnold's former underage fling describes several other affairs, one of which Maria supposedly knew about. The Brangelina brood makes a "giant mess" in Cannes. Lea Michele throws a tantrum over a dress. It's TGIFriday gossip.

Shocking Lady Gaga Confession: 'Oops, I Broke a Nail'

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/11 10:52AM

Lady Gaga breaks a nail and flips off a bunch of rich people. The royal wedding made Fergie feel "totally worthless." Heidi Montag warns that reality stardom is "hard." Wednesday gossip triumphs over adversity.

Evan Rachel Wood Dominates the Women She Dates

Maureen O'Connor · 04/19/11 10:30AM

Evan Rachel Wood wants you to know that she sometimes dates women. Lindsay Lohan uses Good Friday to get out of court. Lea Michele pulls a bitch move at Coachella. Nic Cage goes back to work. Tuesday gossip is single and ready to mingle.

Glee: "Don't Cry For Me, Rachel Berry"

Kristina Lucarelli · 12/01/10 01:53AM

Sectionals time! You know what that means! Time to cram as many lighly autotuned covers as humanly possible into 60 minutes... plus commercials. What did you expect? Plot development? There's a bit of that too, plus a new Gleek!

'Kate Hudson Was Born a Boy,' and Other Awkward Revelations

Maureen O'Connor · 10/20/10 09:47AM

Goldie Hawn tells an awkward story about her daughter's birth. Beyonce might be pregnant. Jean-Claude Van Damme has a heart attack. J.Lo's babies are Gucci models. Wednesday gossip is a photo album of embarrassing baby pictures.