CNN Demonstrates Patriotism With Too Many 9/11 Documentaries

Hamilton Nolan · 08/15/11 03:20PM

In your maudlin Monday media column: CNN has more 9/11 documentaries than you can shake a stick at, Patch is incredibly expensive, 23 more newspapers get paywalls, the Richmond newspaper shrugs off an ad-stravaganza, and a French newspaper caper.

Turn Your iPad Into a Futuristic News Portal

Ryan Tate · 04/02/10 12:49PM

Magazines that spring to life with video. Gorgeous, instantly-updated newspapers. Custom-tailored broadcasts. The iPad could revolutionize news along these lines, which helps explain why it makes people so giddy. The new era begins with these nine news apps.

Limp-Wristed French Allow Woman to Run Newspaper

Hamilton Nolan · 01/20/10 01:56PM

In your progressive Wednesday media column: the typically effeminate French (whose asses we saved in WWII) think ladies can be in charge of things, the WaPo has never been to DC, Greg Mitchell's lament, and Vice meets CNN.