J. Crew Exec. Celebrates In the Streets After Firing Several Coworkers

Jordan Sargent · 06/18/15 02:40PM

J. Crew, America’s finest purveyor of shirts that look like tablecloths, fired 175 people last week. Layoffs are a sad whirlwind, and people react differently to the swiftness of sudden unemployment. One really bad way to deal with layoffs is to post boozy photos to Instagram celebrating your continued employment at the expense of your subordinates.

Time Inc. Wants the Right to Outsource Most of Its Union Jobs

Hamilton Nolan · 09/04/14 03:05PM

Fading magazine empire Time Inc. is currently trying to negotiate a new contract with the Newspaper Guild, a union that represents several hundred of the company's editorial employees. Time Inc. would like the right to eliminate most of their jobs.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/18/14 08:02AM

Of being laid off after more than 40 years in journalism, Trentonian editorial writer David Neese said: "What the hell, I've been at this so damn long it's maybe about time somebody gonged me." May we all exit with his remarkable perspicacity.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/11/14 02:44PM

Al Jazeera America is laying off "a few dozen staff employees, as well as freelance employees," probably due to the fact that Americans do not watch Al Jazeera America, because they vaguely suspect it of terrorism.

J.K. Trotter · 04/03/14 09:09AM

New Jersey’s Star-Ledger is creatively destroying the jobs of 167 employees, 40 of whom worked as editors, reporters, and photographers. “The newsroom is not unionized,” the paper’s own report states.

The AP Is Acting Panicky and Bizarre

Hamilton Nolan · 10/23/13 08:58AM

Two weeks ago, the AP published a news story alleging serious misconduct by a Virginia gubernatorial candidate. The story was wrong; the AP pulled it after less than two hours. The AP has now fired three journalists as a result. This is insane.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/09/13 08:33AM

Philadelphia Inquirer editor Bill Marimow was fired on Monday with little warning or explanation. The reason, according to a new report: he refused to fire five staffers the company ordered him to fire.

The Daily Beast Lays Off 20

Hamilton Nolan · 10/01/13 03:36PM

Having overseen the near-total collapse of the Newsweek-Daily Beast conglomerate, Tina Brown announced last month that she was leaving The Daily Beast—uh, strictly by choice, of course. The site hastened to add that it would not be closing down. It will, however, be laying people off.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/13 10:54AM

Patch, the AOL-owned collection of hyperlocal news sites, will reportedly be laying off as many as 500 people this week.