Why Would Anyone Want to Attack a TSA Agent?

Taylor Berman · 11/04/13 06:33PM

This past Friday, 23-year-old Paul Ciancia walked into Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 3 and used his legally-purchased assault rifle to kill one TSA agent and wound two others. Before the shooting, Ciancia made “the conscious decision to try to kill” TSA employees in order to "instill fear in their traitorous minds," according to a letter found in his possession. But where would anyone get the idea that TSA employees are worthless, rights-violating, traitorous federal agents that should be stopped?

What We Know About Alleged LAX Gunman Paul Ciancia

Lacey Donohue · 11/03/13 10:46PM

Before being hauled away on a stretcher and sedated on Friday, alleged gunman Paul Ciancia, 23, was able to help investigators by telling them acted alone in his attack of Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3. Ciancia was shot by law enforcement officials four times, including one shot to the leg and one to the face (a blurred bloody picture can be seen here).

Cord Jefferson · 11/01/13 07:44PM

"Francis Specker, 50, of Riverside, was supposed to take a 10:30 a.m. flight to New York out of Terminal 3. ... Specker lived in New York during the 2001 terrorist attacks and said Friday’s shooting was not a huge surprise. 'I guess this is sort of the new normal, right?'" More on today's LAX shooting here.